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Review for All of Me by bellapaige88


So I spent this past week not feeling well.  And ended up watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  And got hooked into SkyeWard….

 Name of Story: All of Me

Fandom: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. + Captain America Crossover

Author: bellapaige88


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: G. Ward/Skye P. Coulson/M. May

Status: Complete

Description (Authors): 

This story is about Skye discovering who she really is and where she came from. What her 0-8-4 status really means. The whole team will be a part of this fic with their own little moments. Skyeward, FitzSimmons, Philinda and Clintasha moments. … enjoy 🙂 Later chapters involve CapHill and Pepperony’ And other Avengers.


So if you watch AoS, you may know why I went looking for SkyeWard fics.  And if you haven’t watched past season 1, you may want to skip this one…

For this is SPOILERS for the show!

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Avengers Story Review: Sivaas by SlateWalker

Name of Story: Sivaas

Fandom: Avengers

Author: SlateWalker


Rating (If Applicable): M/NC-17

Pairing: Iron Man/Tony S

Description (Authors):  Tony Stark has borne many titles in his life. The Merchant of Death. Billionaire. Playboy. Genius. Hero. Many believe that his title of Iron Man will be the one he takes to the grave. But Tony knows better. For Tony bore another name, one that struck terror into all that heard it. Sah Sunvaar. Phantom Hunter. The Fox. An Assassin of the highest caliber.


If you want something different, something thrilling and amazing, this is the story. Assassin!Tony is something hell of a lot different and wow. It’s well written and thought out, the plot keeps you on the edge of your seat and just… wow. Go read, give them love and find out for yourself!

Story Preview:

Raan Do Sivaas.

The Order of the Beasts.

It is a name whispered both fearfully and reverently around the world. An order of highly trained assassins, funded and protected in secret by the highest authority in all of the world, established and integrated into society over centuries. Known for their stealth, creativity and willingness to do anything or go anywhere, these beast-masked assassins inspire terror in all those who know of them.

Intelligent and physically able children are hand-picked by observers within the government and the Order begins the delicate process of turning children into hunters in barely over thirteen years. On May the first, of the year 1983, Howard and Maria Stark brought a bouncing baby boy into the world. On that day, neither parent knew that one day that boy would be a genius, a billionaire, a hero, an assassin. The story of Tony Stark is one that is long and colored.

This is that story.

Avengers Story Review: Arc Tremors by MountainRose

Name of Story: Arc Tremors

Fandom: Avengers

Author: MountainRose


Rating (If Applicable): M/NC-17

Pairing: Pepper Potts & Tony StarkTony Stark & Avengers Team

Description (Authors):  Tony’s light had flickered out in the aftermath of the fight with the Chitauri, but his team was there and, hey, he’d just been to space, give a guy some slack. The next morning they accepted, but when he collapses weeks later, they’re not going to let him brush it off again, and neither is JARVIS.


Holy crap guys, so I got back into reading Avengers stories again and came across this one. It’s fluffy and awesome with the right amount of Tony!Whump and it made me like this Cap. Seriously, its Avengers Family and awesome, well thought out and written. It will keep you interested and hooked till the very end!

Seriously recommend a read!

Story Preview:

The Leviathan stank, up close, of ozone and rot. Even Iron Man’s air filters weren’t up to the job of keeping that stench away and he twisted his lip in disgust in the privacy of his helmet.

“Well, we got its attention… what the hell was step two?” He snarked, turning tail as the leviathan’s enraged roar rattled his suit. Blasting back towards Stark Tower and away from the fleeing New Yorkers, he switched back to the team radio in time to respond to Thor’s analysis of the Tesseract’s defences. As they plotted, he let the leviathan gain on him, quietly smug and triumphant as Bruce made his appearance.


“Just like you said.”

“Well, tell him to suit up, I’m bringing the party to you.”

He swung wider around the corner of 51st and 3rd, the beastie following obligingly but still clipping the sky-scraper with a great graunching of metal and glass.

“I don’t see how that’s a party.”


“-wipe out midtown.”

“JARVIS, put everything we got into the thrusters.”

Away from the city, the sky was clear, and there wasn’t any dust to obscure the sun. It was quiet, apart from the roar of his own propulsion, until Natasha’s voice came over the comms, wavering with hope. Tony’s plan settled, and he called the stop, letting his teammates know just how high the stakes had just risen.

He pulled up under the nuke’s path, ready to catch it and pray that it wouldn’t go off under the heat of his repulsors. “-and I know just where to put it.”

The comms were silent, and Pepper didn’t pick up the phone when he called… The speed and sharp turn as he pulled up, skimming Stark tower, crushed him against the chest plate, but the nuke flew true and they broke through the portal into sudden and absolute silence.

JARVIS’ connection stuttered and failed, his thrusters cut out, and his air vanished, leaving him staring into the vastness of space, glittering and heaving with alien ships. Soon, the smoke and glare of the nuke cleared and it vanished into the hulking mass of the central ship, it’s glow obscured for two long seconds before the ship’s skin bulged out in an expansive fireball.

Triumph, hypoxia and relief battled over dominance in Tony’s head, as gravity began to reassert itself through the portal and he started to fall. Too late, he thought, closing his eyes against the glare, lungs burning and head clouded. There was a jerk of acceleration as he breached the portal and Earth’s gravity came back full force but he wasn’t awake to feel it.

Review for The Arrangement by TexanLady & nyc snowbird


This is one of the most controversial stories I have ever read.  It is NOT completed, but holy cow, no matter how long they make you wait, you jump to read the updates.

TA clean Red Header flair

 Name of Story: The Arrangement

Fandom: TB

Author: TexanLady & NYC Snowbird


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Eric/Sookie

Status: WIP

Description (Authors): 

Bill has been taken to Mississippi. Sookie has no choice but to turn to Eric for help. Seeing the chance to make Sookie his, Eric offers her an arrangement. Sookie learns that not only is nothing ever as simple as it seems, but she finds that there is nothing Eric won’t do to claim her. And apparently he’s not alone in the belief she is his. The Gods of old believe it just as much!


Have you ever read a story that made you cry, not once but a couple of times for a character?  Made you completely pissed at the other character, but find redeeming features where you keep reading?

That even after a second reading, you find yourself still crying at the same parts?  And only after reading it 4 times, do you realize that though you want to prepare for what is coming, you end up putting down the story, take a breath, then read on.

This is that story.

It starts literally when Sookie walks out of the bathroom in the restaurant and Bill is gone.  This Eric is not the amnesiac Eric in any form or fashion.  This is an Eric who we met at the bar and wanted Sookie for himself no matter what.

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Review for Family by Celticgal1041

Name of Story: Family

Fandom: Musketeers BBC

Author: Celticgal1041


Rating (If Applicable): General

Pairing: No precise pairing, just brotherhood.

Description (Authors):  The Gascon lifted his head again, the movement placing an unbearable strain on his overtaxed shoulder muscles but he was determined to meet the man’s gaze. This was a question that he remembered the answer to and he grinned mirthlessly as he answered, “Family.”


Holy crap, so besides DebbieF it’s Celticgal1041 that writes the most amazing angsty whumpage that I have seen. Truly. But out of all her stories its Family I love the most, it’s dark and keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting to know what happens next.

It also shows the true bond between the quartet, the unbreakable bond between brothers. There is honestly not much I can say besdides a bunch of sounds to express my words to describe how good this story is. For those of you who don’t watch the TV series, I suggest you do and for those who do watch and have yet to read fanfiction for it, I suggest you start here with ANY of Celtic’s fics.

Give it a chance, read the first chapter below! Go give her some love!

Story Preview:

“Tell me!” the man snarled, his demand accompanied by a vicious backhand blow that had the Musketeer’s vision swimming as his head snapped to the right. d’Artagnan allowed it to loll there for several seconds, gathering his strength and his breath at the brutality of the beating he’d taken which had left him barely capable of coherent thought beyond the myriad of aches that screamed for his attention.

He could no longer recall what information his captor was seeking, nor could he remember the details of the mission or the events that had brought him to be in this man’s hands. The only thing that he was certain of was that they would come for him. No matter what the man did to his body, his mind had retreated deeply inwards where a warm flame burned brightly and reminded him that he was not alone. A few months ago, he would not have been as certain, possibly failing under his attacker’s forceful hits, but in recent weeks, things had changed for him significantly, not the least of which was the attainment of his commission in the King’s Musketeers, bringing with it the leather pauldron that he’d worn with such pride until it had been ripped from his shoulder by the bandits.

d’Artagnan forced his head upwards, spitting a glob of blood from his mouth as he nearly gagged on the copper taste of the liquid. Where it came from, he knew not, his lips and the inside of his mouth shredded from repeated strikes to the face, which had his teeth gnashing against the tender skin. His focus still swam alarmingly making his stomach protest in sympathy but he swallowed determinedly as he slurred up at his captor, “No.” Regardless of the fact that he had no idea what the man wanted, the Gascon was steadfast in his determination that the bandit would receive no satisfaction, his only goal now to draw things out long enough so that his friends could rescue him.

The bandit screwed up his features at the beaten soldier who hung in front of him from his arms. They’d been deliberately cruel in their treatment of the man, certain that, as the youngest, he’d be the easiest one to break. Instead, the boy had fought like a demon, keeping his men busy long enough that the others had escaped, saving their own necks rather than coming to the young man’s aid. He’d tried to use that fact against the Musketeer, goading him with ugly words as he described the cowardice of the other soldiers as they’d fled, leaving him alone to face capture, but the words had provoked a surprising reaction from the young man, lips turning up in a hideous smile that pulled at split lips and caused them to begin bleeding again, the teeth underneath stained with red. “Good,” he’d said and then his expression had turned flat, as though he was drawing on some inner strength and preparing himself for what was to come. Rather than disheartening the boy, the words had someone buoyed him and the bandit had allowed fury to guide his fists as he’d pummeled the boy’s face and torso mercilessly.

Now, it was only the ropes that pulled the Musketeer’s arms up over his head that held him upright, kneeling on the cold ground beneath him, the ropes high enough that he couldn’t even sit back on his heels to alleviate some of the discomfort. He grasped the boy’s face cruelly, pressing filthy fingers into the Musketeer’s cheeks as he forced the young man to meet his flinty gaze, “You’ll die here if you don’t tell us what we want to know.” He held the Musketeer’s face for several long seconds as he waited for his words to sink in, searching the boy’s eyes for any sign that he’d accepted the statement.

d’Artagnan’s gaze showed no indications of defeat, his eyes turning darker and somewhat more dangerous as he spat back at the man as soon as his head was released, “You’ll die first.”

The man snorted in derision, staring down at the mangled body that had withstood so much abuse. “How can you possibly say something like that? Touched in the head, you are,” the man chuckled at his own words. “Who do you think is gonna save you?”

The Gascon lifted his head again, the movement placing an unbearable strain on his overtaxed shoulder muscles but he was determined to meet the man’s gaze. This was a question that he remembered the answer to and he grinned mirthlessly as he answered, “Family.”

Review for Marriage of Inconvenience by Queen of Area 5

I know I did her before, but I went back and ended up rereading this story.  And since I checked this site, there was no mention of this story anywhere.

So here it is!


 Name of Story: A Marriage of Inconvenience

Fandom: SVM

Author: Queen of Area 5 (Click to read her interview)


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Eric/Sookie

Status: Complete

Description (Authors): 

William T. Compton thought it would be an easy mission: procure the telepath using any means necessary without permanently tying her to him. However her husband, the Sheriff of Area 5, will make sure his task is not easily accomplished.


I went back and reread this to keep in the momentem of rereading some of the old stories.  And once I started, I remembered why I love this woman.

She weaves a story that grabs you and drags you whether you like it or not to read, and peppers it with some beautiful imagery (and a sexy Sheriff Viking pillaging his Wife).

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Review for The Littlest Musketeer by DebbieF

Name of Story: The Littlest Musketeer

Fandom: The Musketeers BBC

Author: DebbieF


Rating (If Applicable): General

Pairing: No precise pairings just brotherhood.

Description (Authors):  For those of you that don’t know I usually write in the sci fi genre of Stargate SG-1. The main writing group I’m in is called Little Danny where we downsize Daniel Jackson’s character (as well as other members). Usually his caretaker is Colonel Jack O’Neill. I also will at times mix it up with characters from SGA. Jackson portrays an archaeologist/linguist/diplomat on the show and I’ve done a story in the past called the Littlest Archaeologist. Hence where I got my idea for this story.

I do hope you enjoy it and see my note at the end.


So, as some of you may know that I have suddenly become obsessed with a few new fandoms, H50 to be one and now the Musketeers. DebbieF writes some amazing stories and each one are thrilling, cringeworthy and tissue box needing pretty much. There is fluff and gooey goodness in there relating to the bond between the four inseperables.

In this case it is the brotherhood between Porthos/Aramis/d’Art and the paternal between Athos and d’Art.

Seriously, this story is funny and it grips your attention, a little d’Artagnan running around causing mischief and mayhem without the restraint of his usual adult self. It kept me enthralled from the first line to the last and I highly recommend it and all the work that she does!

 So go and read, give her some love!

Story Preview:

Off in the woods far, far away from Paris stood a lone little cottage where an older but still lovely, wise woman lived. Some of the villagers called her healer, others said she was crazy, while still more whispered to each other one word… witch.

On this day, the anniversary of Alexandre d’Artagnan’s death, his young son d’Artagnan stopped to rest on his way back to Paris. He had just come from a short visit with friends he had left behind in Gascony where he went to visit his mother and father’s grave sites. It was a year ago that he lost and avenged his father’s murder. After his father had passed away in his arms d’Artagnan had made arrangements with the innkeeper to have his father’s body transported back to Lupiac to be buried. With everything that had happened this past year d’Artagnan hadn’t had time to visit and pay his respects.

Sitting underneath the shade of a large tree, d’Artagnan let Zad roam around freely in the field. Closing his eyes he remembered life growing up on the farm. Yes, it could be grueling, back breaking work at times, but with both his parents around life had been good.

A tear slipped down his cheek as d’Artagnan, lulled by the birds soft twittering and the warm, gentle breeze, drifted off to sleep. Being in the land of nod he had no idea that he acquired company along the way.

The woman from the tiny cottage felt his distress from clear over in her safe haven where she lived. Feeling it so keenly she had to go in search of the youngster. Martinique was surprised to say the least when she discovered it was a Musketeer as she studied the boy’s pauldron. “So young,” she murmured to herself. “What dragons did you slay to earn your prize and yet still be only a child?” But soldier or not, the young man’s pain was real as Martinique listened to the stranger call out for his father.

“Pe’re, I’m sorry I couldn’t save you. It should have been me,” d’Artagnan mumbled. “I miss you terribly.”

Martinique understood loss all to well, she was as alone as the boy. But her light touch on the youngster’s brow jolted her. In her mind’s eye she saw him with cherished friends. Martinique could make out features of a handsome, devil maycare older man. Then a huge dark skinned one that always seemed to be laughing. Finally the last impression that stayed with her the longest was of a somber face that held great love in his heart for this child who slept in her forest.

“So you miss your father and this other gentleman looks upon you as a son,” she whispered softly as she brushed the hair out of the boy’s eyes while he slept on. “Perhaps I can do something for you both,” Martinique smiled. “If only for a short while.”