• This is a Twilight Non-Canon Round only contest. Please NO canon, therefor no canon couple from the books, TV or Movies of the Fandom chosen at the time.
  • Stories must have a minimum of 3 chapters and been posted before March this year for a WIP and updated in the past 3 months.
  • Completed fics and WIPs are eligible for nominating, but as stated above for WIPs they must have been updated in the past three months.
  • If nominating a completed fic they must not have more than 1500 reviews.
  • We are allowing TWCS links this year, but if your author has been nominated for The Royal Awards then they cannot be nominated in anything but that! If they have a Fanfiction Account still, add the link.
  • An Author who has more than 3 stories with over 1000 reviews are only allowed to be nominated in ‘The Royal Author Award’.  They will not be alowed in the other categories.
  • An Author with less than 500 reviews on any story is only allowed to be nominated for ‘The Underfictionated and the The Underdog Awards’
  • One shots are also eligible for nomination in the one-shot category only.
  • Stories must be posted on
  • Stories may not be nominated in more than three categories.
  • Authors may not be nominated in a total of more than four categories.
  • There will only be a total of 10 nominees per category. We the Admin will not accept any story that does not fit into rules above.
  • There will be two categories that will be Judges Choice. The Royal Author Award and The Royal Fic Award.
  • The Royal Fic Award is the only Judges Voting.
  • Slash stories are only allowed to be in The Slash Section and The Other Categories section.
  • Crossovers are only allowed in the Best Crossover section.
  • The Art’s section doesn’t apply as the stories, though one banner, video and manip per person.
  • Best Quote doesn’t apply to the three/four nominations part, one Author and Story per nomination. Crossover story quotes allowed.
  • Please fill out the form fully with Title, Author’s Name and link please in the right category box you wish for it to be nominated in.
  • For best original character please do the same above but have it OC, Title, Author, Link.
  • The stories written by the Admins and Judges may not be allowed nominated in any category but the one for them.

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