Review for Belong to You by RandomDarkness

I had read this one before I got sick, and it has been sitting on my iPad all this time for me to come back and read it.

I did a review last week, this is to break it up, next week will be the promised Saints and Sinners Review.

 Name of Story: Belong to You

Fandom: True Blood

Author: RandomDarkness


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Eric/Sookie

Status: Complete

Description (Authors): 

Set directly after 9 Crimes spoilers!, Vampire politics have backed Eric into a corner, and Sookie masterminds a plan that will rally the town of Bon Temps and go down in history… One way or another. Chapter 16 up. ALL done!


Belong to You is one of those stories I read when I was just starting, and it grabbed my attention.

Belong to You deals with an alternative to Season 3’s ending.  And I will say this; it is freaking awesome!!!!   It shows what can happen if people are willing to THINK first!

I am sitting here trying to think of what all I can say to get you to read this story, without giving away too much of the plot.

I will tell you, this shows how southerners are more than willing to fight for their own, and what happens when you have a thousand-year-old vampire listen to what a waitress can come up with to help them out of a sticky problem, without giving up!

The bad guys are bad, and the good guys, they are awesome!!! Terry is a big part of this, as well as Jason.

They even comment that Jason had a plan for those stubborn southern women in Bon Temps!

Excerpt from Chapter 1:

Sookie ran so hard her lungs were burning, sweat dripped from her forehead and the sound of her feet hitting the pavement exploded in her ears. Still, she felt the sick certainty spreading in her stomach that it wouldn’t be enough… there was no way a human could out run a whole pack of were wolves, right?God, she was so dead, and not in a calm, peaceful way either. Crap, crap, crap, she didn’t want to get torn apart by a pack of dogs, she didn’t want to feel like a stupid bimbo because some stupid vampire dumped her, she didn’t want to die knowing Bill Compton was the last man she ever slept with and now he was sleeping with someone else! She could feel them behind her and, screaming with the effort she gave everything she had, convinced she was a heartbeat away from having her spine ripped out when suddenly she was flying.

“Waah! What the,” she saw bright yellow eyes and snarling teeth below her for only a second and then it seemed like they just fell away.

“Two fucking days, you can’t be alone for two fucking days.” Eric was above her, holding her securely around the waist as he veered towards a nearby building and landed them on the roof between two massive air-con units. “Two fucking days, Sookie, my world is falling apart around me and I’m flying to Jackson fast enough to pop my eardrums because you can’t leave things the fuck alone!” He was pacing and swearing, his arms gesticulating wildly. “Damn it.” He growled and took her by the shoulders, for a moment she was afraid he’d pitch her off the roof, but he patted her down looking for bite marks. “Are you hurt?”

There is a sequel to this story, but it is not complete.  But the premise behind it is one that makes me wish every day for a surprise update and the mystery solved!

As I said, I want to give some credit to these authors who helped me decide to write in this fandom.  Giving back to those that started all these stories, took the first leap per say.

So please read and review, let these authors know that even if they have not written in the fandom, they still gave us some remarkable stories that can inspire your imagination!

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