Review for The Arrangement by TexanLady & nyc snowbird


This is one of the most controversial stories I have ever read.  It is NOT completed, but holy cow, no matter how long they make you wait, you jump to read the updates.

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 Name of Story: The Arrangement

Fandom: TB

Author: TexanLady & NYC Snowbird


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Eric/Sookie

Status: WIP

Description (Authors): 

Bill has been taken to Mississippi. Sookie has no choice but to turn to Eric for help. Seeing the chance to make Sookie his, Eric offers her an arrangement. Sookie learns that not only is nothing ever as simple as it seems, but she finds that there is nothing Eric won’t do to claim her. And apparently he’s not alone in the belief she is his. The Gods of old believe it just as much!


Have you ever read a story that made you cry, not once but a couple of times for a character?  Made you completely pissed at the other character, but find redeeming features where you keep reading?

That even after a second reading, you find yourself still crying at the same parts?  And only after reading it 4 times, do you realize that though you want to prepare for what is coming, you end up putting down the story, take a breath, then read on.

This is that story.

It starts literally when Sookie walks out of the bathroom in the restaurant and Bill is gone.  This Eric is not the amnesiac Eric in any form or fashion.  This is an Eric who we met at the bar and wanted Sookie for himself no matter what.

It is one that recently I was like, I like the villain better than Eric.  But now we are seeing all the things that Eric has done coming home to roost.

And it feels justified, but at the same time, you start hating the villain finally.

I am trying to show you that this is not a happy go lucky story, though there are parts that are exactly that.  There are times that Eric redeems himself, but there are other times that your heart breaks for Sookie.

But all in all, I think the fact that I have read this 4 times (I think, it may actually be more) says a lot about it.

There are many parts that you scream at the story, NO!.  And you feel like begging that there is punishment for Eric, but until now, there was minimal.

Now however, he is getting that punishment, beginning to understand that he is not the ONE because the Gods choose him and Sookie gets her part because of her connection to him.

There are hints throughout of redemption coming, and though I hate to say it, like all the others who know what is coming, it had to go through the all the pain Sookie suffered for Eric to realize what it means.

Excerpt from Chapter 1:

Eric nodded, “A Maker’s rights to their children are absolute. It is one of the few vampire laws that is nonnegotiable. No vampire court will contest the point. I have no legal grounds to go after him.”

Narrowing her eyes, Sookie said, “Something tells me you would, though.”

Eric leaned forward with his forearms resting on his knees, the corners of his mouth twisted in an unapologetic grin. He let his eyes languidly glide over Sookie’s lavender silk covered form. The dress she was wearing was gorgeous, but he’d prefer to see her in red, and soon enough he would get his wish. “I’m sure you could … persuademe.”
Jumping to her feet, she balled her fists and hissed, “I’m not that kind of woman! I’m not going to sleep with you for a favor, Eric!”
“Of that I have no doubt. And while I intend to have you in my bed many, manytimes, my delightful Sookie, that is not what I was insinuating.”
Her body stiff with anger, her eyes bright with resentment, she shot back, “What were you insinuating then?”
Rising, he moved to stand in front of her so that he towered over her. Eric cupped her chin and tilted her head back. “I will locate your Bill and negotiate with Lorena for his release in exchange for a number of things from you. First, you will sign a contract to work for me, and I will pay you, of course. You will come to Fangtasia several times a week to read the humans there. After what happened in Dallas, I wish to be more vigilant towards rooting out potential Fellowship spies in my club. You will also listen to all my employees at all of my businesses so that I can be assured none of them are betraying me.”
“You have more businesses than Fangtasia?”
Stroking his fingers along her cheek, he confirmed, “Indeed. Many more, but, of course, I will not have you read everyone that works for me in one night. I would not abuse you and wear you down that way. You will have several weeks to see it done.”
Stepping back from him, Sookie crossed her arms tightly over her chest and questioned, “That’s it? I work for you a few nights a week and listen to your employees and you’ll find Bill for me and get him back?”
Eric shook his head and laughed, “No Sookie, that is not ‘it’. If you recall, I said there were a number of things I wanted in exchange for this favor.”
“So what else?”
Stepping forward again, Eric let his gaze burn into Sookie with unfeigned pleasure. “While I look for Bill you will allow me to feed from you on those nights you come to work at Fangtasia, and any other night that I am in your company. You will also take more blood from me.”
Gasping in shock and outrage, she vigorously shook her head and protested, “Absolutely not! It’s bad enough you tricked me into taking your blood that first time! And I’d never let anyone feed on me but Bill!”
“Very well. Good luck finding him,” Eric said neutrally as he stepped past her and headed for the door. He knew he wouldn’t make it more than a step, and smiled when Sookie’s delightful southern drawl stopped him.
He is sneaky and manipulating as hell.  And you soon see that he uses everything that he can to win her heart, then owns her.
However, at the same time there are redeeming features that I find more now as I read through them.  He is confused, having lost his connection to emotions that Godric had drilled in him were a weakness.  And while alot of what he does is cruel to her, he turns around and does things that show how much she means to him.
I will say that there is plenty in this that ended up making me use a towel for my tears.  Twice.
But as I mentioned, this is a work in progress. And karma is raising her head towards Eric.
This is a Blogspot site, so you do have hit the acknowledge button that this is a M rated story.  Do it.
You may thank me later, but the writing is amazing.
And when I am done with the story (which I do take breaks) I will bring you Negotiations.  Which is an amazing story of Eric acting as he should have in Season 4.

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5 thoughts on “Review for The Arrangement by TexanLady & nyc snowbird”

  1. “It is NOT completed, but holy cow, no matter how long they make you wait, you jump to read the updates.” THIS! Yes, when I see an update I rush to read it. It is an amazing story. So is Negotiations.

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  2. Amazing! This blog looks exactly like my old one!
    It’s on a totally different topic but it has pretty much the
    same layout and design. Superb choice of colors!


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