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Review for The Arrangement by TexanLady & nyc snowbird


This is one of the most controversial stories I have ever read.  It is NOT completed, but holy cow, no matter how long they make you wait, you jump to read the updates.

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 Name of Story: The Arrangement

Fandom: TB

Author: TexanLady & NYC Snowbird

Site: http://thearrangementtb.blogspot.com/search/label/Chapter%20001

Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Eric/Sookie

Status: WIP

Description (Authors): 

Bill has been taken to Mississippi. Sookie has no choice but to turn to Eric for help. Seeing the chance to make Sookie his, Eric offers her an arrangement. Sookie learns that not only is nothing ever as simple as it seems, but she finds that there is nothing Eric won’t do to claim her. And apparently he’s not alone in the belief she is his. The Gods of old believe it just as much!


Have you ever read a story that made you cry, not once but a couple of times for a character?  Made you completely pissed at the other character, but find redeeming features where you keep reading?

That even after a second reading, you find yourself still crying at the same parts?  And only after reading it 4 times, do you realize that though you want to prepare for what is coming, you end up putting down the story, take a breath, then read on.

This is that story.

It starts literally when Sookie walks out of the bathroom in the restaurant and Bill is gone.  This Eric is not the amnesiac Eric in any form or fashion.  This is an Eric who we met at the bar and wanted Sookie for himself no matter what.

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