First, I – we – would like to apologize for the long delay on everything and would like to thank everyone whom participated in the first ever Non-Canon writing challenge 🙂 Hopefully we will see you when we have the next one. Also the Judges Choice will be revealed in a few days!

Through the Crepuscular Glass

Twisted Fairy Tales PV 1 Twisted Fairy Tales PV 2 1994omi Twisted Fairy Tales PV 2 Kessafan Twisted Fairy Tales PV 3 TwiAddictAnne


Twisted Fairy Tales MO 1 A women's revenge

Twisted Fairy Tales MO 2 TTCGTwisted Fairy Tales MO 3 ABFAB


Twisted Fairy Tales ST 1 A women's revenge Twisted Fairy Tales ST 2 SMB Twisted Fairy Tales ST 3 TTCG


Twisted Fairy Tales SC 1 A women's revenge Twisted Fairy Tales SC 2 TTCG Twisted Fairy Tales SC 3 SMB


Twisted Fairy Tales FTU 1 ABFAB Twisted Fairy Tales FTU 2 SMB Twisted Fairy Tales FTU 3 AWR Twisted Fairy Tales MUP 1 A women's revenge Twisted Fairy Tales mup 2 smb Twisted Fairy Tales MUP 2 TTCG Twisted Fairy Tales MUP 3 ABFAB

TVD Interview with Akhkharu Kashshaptu

Welcome Vamps, Witches, Wares and Doppelgänger! Please give a warm welcome to Akhkharu Kashshaptu to the Non Canon Awards! 


1) For the record and the fans, what’s your name?

My real name is Sarah Munro.

Penname: Akhkharu Kashshaptu

2) How long have you been writing?

7 years…since I was in the 7th grade

3) What inspires you to write?

What inspires me is my unending imagination that just demands to have a more physical form, rather than just be left as thoughts and ideas flowing around in my head. I also get a lot of inspiration from random things – music, certain scenes from movies, dreams, and sometimes even from the strange feeling I might get walking down a street – and I just HAVE to write something from them.

4) I know some writers don’t really care if they receive reviews as long as they have readers, but how do you feel when you get a review?

I feel over the moon with joy! It makes me giddy enough to know people are even reading my story, but when I get to know their thoughts and feelings towards my writing, a feeling of elation overwhelms me and I tend to grin like a madman to myself.

5) Most writers have something playing in the background when they write, what is the one thing that you have playing while you write?

I usually have two types of music playing. 1) 90s club music for most scenes as it motivates me to physically type (and furiously too), but also for scenes heavy with danger or action, as it helps set the intensity, fast pace, and action. 2) Bands/singers like One Republic and Lana del Rey help me write out slower, more emotional scenes or chapters. I like my music to reflect the mood of my story as I write.

6) What pairings do you enjoy writing and why?

I absolutely adore pairings with Elijah, Klaus and/or Kol with an OC. I don’t think I’ll ever write them paired with another character from the show as the focus of the story, as I enjoy being able to play around with creating an OC far too much!

7) What pairings do you absolutely REFUSE to write and why?

I refuse to write more common pairings like Klaroline (though I love that ship), Delena, Stelena, Konnie/Kennett, Kalijah, Halijah and so on. I have nothing against most of those ships, I just personally don’t think I’d ever be able to write fanfics for them. Like I said, I enjoy getting to play around with OCs a lot.

8) Canon or Non Canon?

Non canon, of course!

9) Tell us about you and your writing…this is where you have the floor!

I’ve been writing since grade 7, so that’s 7 years! My mum also enjoys writing, so I guess you could say that I inherited it from her. I started by writing very short horror stories (which have over the years evolved into slightly longer short stories). I attempted to start writing a ‘real’ story in grade 8, and though I still love the idea, it was later pushed to the back of my mind in favour of more promising ideas. In 2011 I began writing a fantasy novel which I managed to finish last year, but I’m not sure if I like it all that much and plan to rewrite the whole thing. Since 2011, I’ve won a short story competition held by an indie author, and had another short story (under a penname) chosen to feature in a zombie anthology novel – A Thorn of Death. My Vampire Diaries fanfics are certainly not the first I’ve ever written, but I’d say that they’re by far my best.

Thank you Akhkharu Kashshaptu for taking time to answer our questions! 

Review for From The Rooftop to Love by Gyllene

I am here to give you a treat, the first story I read by Gyllene, It blew me away, and had her added to my favorite Authors which I am kinda picky about.

Gyllene rooftop-banner1

Name of Story: From the Rooftop to Love

Fandom: SVM/TB

Author: Gyllene


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Eric/Sookie

Description (Authors):  Set from Season 2 after Sookie watches Godric meet the sun she goes to Eric to comfort him. Bill doesn’t like this. At first Sookie and Eric will be friends but soon they will become so much more.

This is my first story. All mistakes are mine.


This is the story that started my journey with Gyllene. I found it on Fanfiction, and soon, for some odd reason, she joined by group. Then one day my web admin brought in this awesome lady to help out on some sites. Since then she makes me some awesome banners, and she lets me know when she is publishing! Continue reading Review for From The Rooftop to Love by Gyllene

Submission Piece 4

Through the Crepuscular Glass


Words: 12,661
Genre: Fantasy/Suspense
Rated: T
Character: Alice, Edward

Despite the twelve years that have passed since Alice’s trip to Wonderland, she’s reminiscent of it and yearns to return. Seeking an escape from her tedious life, Alice manages to revisit, yet Wonderland isn’t the same anymore—and neither is she.

Review for Lover’s Always by Gyllene

Hello! I know I have been bad, but you will see me a lot more for awhile. I am setting up a bunch of these reviews, and at least you will get then every  Tuesday.  We are still doing Gyllene, and I hope you are set to read this wonderful lady!


Name of Story: Lover’s Always

Fandom: SVM/TB

Author: Gyllene


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Eric/Sookie

Description (Authors):  The sequel to Lover’s Amnesia. Things settle down for our favorite couple, and new relationships are formed, but will that peace last? Read on to find out if what happens in Dallas…stays in Dallas…


This story is the Sequel to Lover’s Amnesia. It starts off on a ride to Dallas, and you learn that their Dayman, Charlie, and Sookie’s teacher in Telepathy, Hauk, is with the two lovers. They also discuss ideas of what happened.

The story is pretty new, and is just setting off, but it quickly drags you into the mystery of what happened to Godric. You meet Godric’s dayperson, and of course, Bill Compton has to stick his nose into the story.

You also get a yummy Well known Tiger, and like a lot of the story, the players in this story don’t always stick to what is well known. So it allows you to look into the story more and more trying to figure out how all the pieces will fit together.

She just updated this story with a LARGE chapter. I highly recommend you continue the story from Lover’s Amnesia into Lover’s Always. And if you haven’t read Lover’s Amnesia… well why the heck not? Go!! Shoo!! Read!!!!!!!!

I love this story, as well as getting heads up from my birdies.  This one was a couple of days early, but as I mentioned above, well worth it.

I’m off to write the next reviews.  See you soon!
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