Review for Make a Wish by magsmacdonald

Hello!  I am finished with Make a Wish, so I wanted to get the review in before I forget!!!

As I mentioned,  I had the honor of this lady volunteering to be a beta, and then reading her stuff.  She amazes me still to this day.  She helped make our awards come to life when I mentioned I wanted to do one for the TB/SVM world since our awards had passed away on us.

So here is one of her pieces of art!


Name of Story: Make A Wish

Fandom: SVM

Author: magsmacdonald


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Eric/Sookie

Description (Authors): 

Eric receives a request from a dying boy (Hunter) to take his mother (Sookie) on a date.  He decides to give the request a chance in the hopes it will alleviate some of his boredom with life.  AU / OOC!  Rated M for language and later chapters.  E/S.  Mild angst/drama.

This story is:  COMPLETE

If you have aversions to: 

Eric as a family man or romance bordering on sappy, this is not the story for you.  I have some very mild drama planned, stuff that starts and resolves in the course of one chapter (one situation may take two chapters – I haven’t written that far out yet).


This is one of those that are a great read when you are looking for minimal drama.  I enjoyed the chance to just relax, while reading this.  She even gives warnings at the start of each chapter of what it can evoke emotionally.  All in all…. well you will see.

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Review for Beauty and the Vampire Beast by magsmacdonald

Good afternoon!!!

I told you guys I would do three of these!!! And as of this post, I will have one more to do and maybe, just maybe an interview to do soon!

This lady I have the honor of knowing as one of my betas.  I had no idea at first she wrote until later.  When I learned, well this is the first story I tackled.


Name of Story: Beauty and the Vampire Beast

Fandom: SVM

Author: magsmacdonald


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Eric/Sookie

Description (Authors): 

Beauty and the Vampire Beast is my second story.  It’s a modern, vampire version of the classic tale featuring the SVM/TB characters we all know and love, sometimes a little OOC, but always with the goal of illustrating growth and change. Some G/E, with E/S HEA in mind. – Complete


So I remembered a story from Mags that I read before, and wanted to read again.  I waffled trying to remember which is was, but by process of elimination, I figured out it was this one.

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Winners Announced!



So I am happy to announce that I just finished uploading the last of the winner banners! They are now up, there were a few close calls for some people in several categories, only missing out on a tied place by one!

Either way, they are now up and you can go see! Congrats everyone!


ALSO There will be a crossover round in a month or so, so email or comment what category you would love to see!

Twilight Story Review: Scarred by jascat

Name of Story: Scarred

Fandom: Twilight

Author: Jascat


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Bella/Jasper

Description (Authors): Jasper is horribly scarred by a vindictive Maria. He decides to live alone in the forest around Forks, certain no one could ever love him now.



I came across this when I was doing the nominations for the awards, it had caught my eye when I read the first chapter.

It was different, something I actually haven’t come across in the Twilight fandom and it was another indicator to continue reading. And read I did. Once I started I couldn’t stop till it was done, such emotion and originality.

Jasper has been horribly scarred and the story starts where originally Alice and Jasper would have met. Things don’t go as planned and things change, Alice’s reaction spurning a different direction than what she originally saw.

Have a look 🙂


This, vanity a thing for all vampires takes place. Understandable, instincts and all. Jasper has faced a harsh life and she has driven him to exile.

Many things happen, I won’t say much but that the story is worth the read if you haven’t read it yet.

A long journey and many views, emotions and people come.


Review for Law and Order – Shreveport by kjwrit

Here is the story I read after All In.  And it actually is my first time to read it!! I was really shocked!  Here I thought I read them all…

This one is another AH, but damn was it good.  I suspected who the bad guys was, but it surprised me when it came back with all the ties in!!!

Law and Order Shreveport


Name of Story: Law & Order – Shreveport

Fandom: SVM

Author: kjwrit


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Eric/Sookie

Description (Authors): 

Sookie is the ADA working on an important case that she’s unknowingly tied to.  Eric is the lead detective.  Can they work together or will their first encounter get in the way? AU/AH

Rated M – Complete


This was another I found that she had completed, and I was in the mood for another fic.

And man did this take me for a ride!!!  I just had to grin through it all, and then was surprised on how it ended.  She is just that good!!!  I even had the bad guy pegged, but how it all connected.. She makes me bow down to her!

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