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Twilight Review For The Promise by Spudzmom

Name of Story: The Promise

Fandom: Twilight

Author: Spudzmom


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Peter Whitlock/Bella

Description (Authors): In desperation, he made a promise… one he had every intention of keeping… but could he, when his life was no longer his own, much less any kind of a life? Only decades of time and unseen mystical forces would hold the answer. New Moon AU Vamp/Human Time Travel, Rated for eventual lemons Bella/Peter Whitlock


All I can say is time travel! I am honest to god in love with time travel fics as of late that retain to Peter/Bella or Jas/Bella. And this is one of those good ones, it kept me hooked from the very first chapter or should I say Prologue!

I’ll share that with you!

Alice sat beside her troubled husband, looking out over the vast Washington landscape that spread for miles beneath the cliff they were perched on. It was a breathtakingly beautiful sight but she could tell that Jasper wasn’t seeing any of it. He was lost in the past once again if the tortured look on his face was any indication. Her heart ached as she watched him from the corner of her eye.

“Jasper, please tell me what’s wrong? You’ve been like this since…well, since the first time you saw Bella in the cafeteria at school. Should I be worried?” She stared down at her lap, her next question nothing more than a frightened whisper. “Do you want her?”

His eyes widened in shock and he drew her into his arms. “No! God no Ali. It’s nothing like that. It’s just part of my past that’s coming back to haunt me. Truth be told, the guilt of what I did has never left, but now that I’ve seen her again, the pain’s been renewed, and I don’t know what to do about it or how to fix it. I do know one thing though…I owe it to Pete to try Ali. I owe it to him.”

She snuggled in to his side, lacing her fingers with his. “Then tell me the story Jas, and maybe, between the two of us, we can make things right, once and for all.”

He smiled a wan smile. “All right Ali.” He stared out into the distance, his mind’s eye focusing on a warm San Antonio night, long left in the past. “My part in this started one night when I was sent out by Maria to gather more soldiers for her army…”

Bella has sas, a backbone and that’s what I love about this fic! She is very much herself with a little bite added in. She of course has a family secret, one that if you wish to know you need to go read and find out; there would be no fun for you at all if I spilled the beans now would there? 🙂

So go, go check out the amazing story!