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Review for Path Less Chosen by FeistyFox


Name of Story: Path Less Chosen
Fandom: Tin Man
Author: FeistyFox
Rating (If Applicable): M
Pairing: Cain/DG
Description (Authors): DG finds that the O.Z. may have a more interesting plan for her than just becoming queen.


So I got bored one night and decided to watch the Tin Man series again, then I fell in love with it all over again, which prompted me to look for DG/Cain fanfiction cause those two on the show have so much tension and well BAM between them.

Thus, leading me to FeistyFox, honestly FeistyFox’s work is amazing and Path Less Chosen was the first I read and fell in love with.

It pulls you in, makes you frustrated, sad and happy as if you are experiencing it yourself. The story is truly amazing. It’s based after the Double Eclipse and the aftermath in its wake, with the Queen wanting her to be the next ruler and her not wanting to become one but seeing no other choice. To her, she was not cut out for the role, having grown up on the Other Side.

It is then that she is chosen by the OZ to heal it, to fix all the damage that was done when the Witch reigned. But fixing the OZ would be a dangerous difficult task, especially when she was now bound to her Tin Man all the while dodging the dark powers that be.

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