Review for All of Me by bellapaige88


So I spent this past week not feeling well.  And ended up watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  And got hooked into SkyeWard….

 Name of Story: All of Me

Fandom: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. + Captain America Crossover

Author: bellapaige88


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: G. Ward/Skye P. Coulson/M. May

Status: Complete

Description (Authors): 

This story is about Skye discovering who she really is and where she came from. What her 0-8-4 status really means. The whole team will be a part of this fic with their own little moments. Skyeward, FitzSimmons, Philinda and Clintasha moments. … enjoy 🙂 Later chapters involve CapHill and Pepperony’ And other Avengers.


So if you watch AoS, you may know why I went looking for SkyeWard fics.  And if you haven’t watched past season 1, you may want to skip this one…

For this is SPOILERS for the show!

Oh my, my heart broke for Ward and Skye after the ending of Season 1, then even worse later on.  For I am completely behind the SkyeWard ship, and for me, the show seemed to go way off course when they left this ship behind.

I also like this fic for the reason that it made all the people you love, Fury, the ‘family’ on the Bus, and the Avengers themselves are all involved and in a way that makes total sense if you watch the people in the MCU.

They are all family.  For those that are not in the movies, yeah that can seem kinda unfair, but hell, this fic explains so much and is realistic to the point I spent an entire day reading this.

It’s only 426,838 words, with 85 chapters.

Take from that what you will.  But I really could not stop reading this fic.

Excerpt from Chapter 1:

Skye was sitting in her bunk, lying on her bed as she read a book that Ward had given her to read, just like his S.O had with him. Her door was open a sliver. Even though her eyes were looking at the page, her mind was elsewhere. It had been two days since Agent Coulson had dropped the 0-8-4 bomb on her and on the outside she had pretended that it didn’t bother her, but her mind couldn’t switch off what it could possibly mean. And 0-8-4 usually meant an ‘object of unknown origin’.

Skye still didn’t know what that meant. How was she an ‘object of unknown origin?’ What the hell did that even mean? And a whole village died protecting me? Why? What was so special about me? Who killed al/ of those people and why? These were the questions that had tumbled around in her mind since Agent Coulson had told her. They hadn’t spoken of it since. No one but Agent Coulson, Agent May and herself knew about her past or what there was to know about her past and Skye knew it had to stay that way for her own protection and the protection of the people on this plane – her family.

A knock sounded at the door and a few seconds later it slid open more and Grant popped his head in. “Coulson wants to see us in the Command Center asap,” he told her in his usual serious manner.

Skye turned her eyes in his direction, absorbing in the sight the tall hulk of an agent took up. He was wearing one of his white tight t-shirts that she loved seeing in him, even though she preferred it when he wore no shirt at all. Not that she would ever admit that out loud.

Grant crossed his arms and narrowed his gaze onto his doe eyed rookie who looked to be a thousand miles away. “Skye,” her name slipped from his lips as concern filled his voiced. “You okay?”

Skye realized that she hadn’t responded to him and must look like an idiot just staring at him like some groupie. She forced a smile. “Yep,” she answered, clearing her throat.

Grant could see the hesitation in her eyes. He knew that she was holding something back from him, but that’s who Skye was. She had major trust issues and even though they were becoming good friends – there was still a lot that she held back with. He had noticed that there had been something different about her for the last couple of days ever since returning from Fitzsimmons academy. He had observed that at times she had been zoned out or had a faraway look in her eyes. Lately she also had been more focused on her training and hadn’t been giving him as much trouble as she use to. The last couple of mornings she was even down hitting the bag before he got there, it surprised him each time.

There was just something different about her though.

This has been a fic that I have marked her an author to follow since the story had sucked me in.  I will admit I am also a huge believer of Coulson and May being her parents.

The way Coulson treats her makes me heart be all happy.  She deserves him and he treats her like a daughter in the show anyways.

I hope you enjoyed my break from TB/SVM to show you something new and fun.

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