Round Four

The Royal Author Award

BetterinTexas RA 1Mama4Dukes RA VC 2CayStar RA VC 3

The Royal Fic Award
Geezer Wench RF VC 1Mama4Dukes RF VC 2Taoist Elf RF VC 3

The Non-Canon Author Award
Geezer Wench NCA VC 1Spudzmom NCA VC 2Petersgirl NCA VC 3

The Non-Canon Fic Award
Spudzmom NCF VC 1Cazzy20 NCF VC 2Dragonfly76 NCF VC 3

The Judges Only Section
Bertiebott JO VC 1WWL JO VC 2kittyinaz JO VC 3

The Underdog

Cuinawen TU VC 1MooNOrchiD TU VC 2mommy4thomas TU VC 3

The Underfictionated
MooNOrchiD TUfic VC 1Lady Kathryne  TUfic VC 2EllieFayeT TUfic VC 3

The Cullen Section

Best Bella/Jasper Pairing
Cazzy20 BJas VC 1Jascat BJas VC 2ncbexie BJas VC 3

Best Bella/Carlisle Pairing
BCar VC 1BCar VC 2BCar VC 3
Best Bella/Emmett Pairing

BEm VC 1BEm VC 2BEm VC 3

The Pack Section

Best Bella/Jacob Pairing
BJa VC 1BJa VC 2BJa VC 3
Best Bella/Sam Pairing
BSam VC 1BSam VC 2

Best Bella/Paul Pairing

BPaul VC 1BPaul VC 2BPaul VC 3

Best Leah/Wolf Pairing
BLeahl VC 1BLeahl VC 2BLeahl VC 3
Best Wolf/OC Pairing
WolfOC VC 1WolfOC VC 2WolfOC VC 3

The Slash Section

Best Edward/Jacob Pairing
BEdJake VC 1BEdJake VC 2

Best Jasper/Edward Pairing
BEdJas VC 1BEdJas VC 2BEdJas VC 3

Best Other Slash Pairings
OslashVC 1OslashVC 2

Best Poly
BPoly VC 1BPoly VC 2BPoly VC 3

The Volturi Section

Best Bella/Caius
BCaius VC 1BCaius VC 2BCaius VC 3

Best Bella/Marcus Pairing
BMarcus VC 1BMarcus VC 2

Best Bella/Aro Pairing
BAro VC 1BAro VC 2BAro VC 3

The Nomad Section

Best Bella/Peter Pairing
BPeter VC 1BPeter VC 2BPeter VC 3

Best Garrett/Bella Pairing
BGarrett VC 1BGarrett VC 2BGarrett VC 3

The Other Pairings

Best Other Non-Canon Pairing

Best Canon
BCanon VC 1BCanon VC 2BCanon VC 3

Best Crossover
BCrossO VC 1BCrossO VC 2BCrossO VC 3
Best Leah/Vampire
LeahVam VC 1LeahVam VC 2

The Other categories

Best Original Character

Best One Shot

Best Drabble
BDrab VC 1BDrab VC 2BDrab VC 3

Best Crack Fic
BCrackF VC 1BCrackF VC 2BCrackF VC 3

Best Lemon
BLem VC 1BLem VC 2BLem VC 3

Best Suspense/Horror

BHorror VC 1BHorror VC 2

Best Tear Jerker

BTearJ VC 1BTearJ VC 2BTearJ VC 3

Best Romance

BRom VC 1BRom VC 2BRom VC 3

Best Quote
BQuote VC 1BQuote VC 2BQuote VC 3

The Arts of Non-Canon
Best Banner

BBanner VC 1BBanner VC 2BBanner VC 3

Best Manip

BManip VC 1BManip VC 2BManip VC 3

Best Video

BVid VC 1BVid VC 2BVid VC 3

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