Review for Marriage of Inconvenience by Queen of Area 5

I know I did her before, but I went back and ended up rereading this story.  And since I checked this site, there was no mention of this story anywhere.

So here it is!


 Name of Story: A Marriage of Inconvenience

Fandom: SVM

Author: Queen of Area 5 (Click to read her interview)


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Eric/Sookie

Status: Complete

Description (Authors): 

William T. Compton thought it would be an easy mission: procure the telepath using any means necessary without permanently tying her to him. However her husband, the Sheriff of Area 5, will make sure his task is not easily accomplished.


I went back and reread this to keep in the momentem of rereading some of the old stories.  And once I started, I remembered why I love this woman.

She weaves a story that grabs you and drags you whether you like it or not to read, and peppers it with some beautiful imagery (and a sexy Sheriff Viking pillaging his Wife).

What to tell you except that if you hate Compton and the Queen, you have come to the perfect story to read.

There is plenty to hate, while you laugh at the idiocy of the people involved.

Since if the Disco Triplets tell you that you are insane to do what you are doing, and you keep at it, you deserve everything coming your way.

Excerpt from Chapter 1:

He willed his erection away as he approached the club; the last thing he needed was to be sporting an erection in front of the Sheriff of Area Five, if he was claiming to mainstream. He cut straight to the front of the club and flashed his fangs at the blonde-haired vampire minding the door.

“Very nice,” Pam drawled as she examined her nails. Looking up, she smiled, letting her fangs click down into place. “But mine are bigger.”

“I’m here to see the Sheriff,” Bill growled.

“Everyone is here to see the Sheriff,” she chortled. “Do you have an appointment?”

“No,” Bill replied, nonplussed.

“Well, that’s inconsiderate of you,” she chided. “The Sheriff is a busy vampire. Do you think he just sits around all night in case someone might want to see him? Shame on you.”

“When will  he be able to see me?” Bill asked through clenched teeth, not used to the blatant disrespect this vampire was showing him. “I require to see him in his official capacity.”

“He will be disappointed.” Pam snarked. “Wait inside. He’ll see you as soon as he’s ready.”

“You mean he’s inside?”

“Of course; this is his bar.” Pam replied, rolling her eyes.

“Then why have you made me wait?” Bill asked.

“Because I find you so amusing.” Pam said with a wicked smile.

“Take me to see the Sheriff!” Bill demanded.

“My Master is busy and he’s not to be disturbed,” Pam replied, the humor going out of her eyes. “You will have to wait until he is finished. Now, you can wait out here, or in the bar: the choice is yours.”

“I will wait inside.” Bill said rather stiffly.

“Good choice,” Pam sneered. “Help yourself to one of the vermin; it might remove that stick from your ass.”

“I’m mainstreaming,” Bill replied. “I don’t feed from fangbangers.”

“How very politically correct of you.” Pam mocked.

Bill sneered at Pam, but didn’t say anything. Entering the club, he was overcome with the scent of desperation, lust, and blood. He clenched his fists hard as he tried to stave off his vampire urges. The fangbangers were throwing themselves at any vampire who would have them. He could hear whispers, promises of sexual favors, and pleas to be bitten.

From that wonderful start, he never gets any better.  It is hilarious to read what all this idiot does wrong.

Not that he doesn’t make life hard on our two lovebirds, but seriously, there are times you are shocked that Eric doesn’t string him up by his little- Well you get the idea.

It all ends well, and this is complete.

And while you are there reading this, check out her other stories.  She has marked them complete or not, to help you out.  And if you comment on one that is not complete, she does answer her reviews.  I know since I did leave one being kinda whiney.  Ok, maybe more than a little, but it is so freaking good!

Don’t forget to let her know you came to read her through us.  Or just to let her know you read it!!!

(PS – If you don’t want to leave a review for some reason, hitting the like button also tells us you read it and enjoyed.  It is something you can do for every page, and as an author myself, it makes my day.  Though always, a review is greeted with squeals on this authors side.)

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2 thoughts on “Review for Marriage of Inconvenience by Queen of Area 5”

  1. Been a while since I’ve read the wonderful queen. This looks like just the story to reread in bits and pieces!

    Just FYI the picture above for ‘Marriage’ is broken, it is directed to ‘Bored to Death’ by EIM 😉

    Thanks for giving me a reminder of this great author 🙂

    Off to read marriage!

    Liked by 1 person

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