Review for Dark Past, Bright Future by Ashley Sue


Yeah so I am going to try to update as I read.  Right now I went back to the beginning.  I’m talking about how I first started to read True Blood.

Yep, Fanfiction.

I filter for completed M stories with over 10k.  Sometimes I remember to add Sookie sometimes not.  So off we go with the blast to the past!

Bright Future 1

 Name of Story: Dark Past, Bright Future

Fandom: TB

Author:Ashley Sue


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Eric/Sookie/Godric

Status: Complete

Description (Authors): 

After recognizing Godric during the events in Dallas, Sookie returns to Louisiana and must choose between Bill, Godric, and Eric. Full summary inside.


Since I started my journey into True Blood from a Bella/Godric fic, the fact that Godric was in this one made it a must read.  And I liked the premise of the story.

To me it explained some things that had me wondering while watching the episode.

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Happy Easter Winners!!!!

Congrats to all those who have won and those that were nominated, thank you all to those who participated as well. But due to underwhelming nominations this year, I have decided it will be the last of the Non-Canon Awards Twilight Rounds.