Review for Saint and Sinners by EricIzMine


So I told you guys I would do this one.  the only problem is by the time I was done, I was so sad that I needed to walk away for a little bit.

Don’t get me wrong, the story is funny and awesome.  But knowing that I will not get to read anything new snuck up and smacked me.

However… Read on.  I promise you this is MORE than worth it!

 Name of Story: Saints & Sinners

Fandom: SVM

Author: EricIzMine


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Eric/Sookie

Status: Complete

Description (Authors): 

All Human story… Eric Northman comes to Bon Temps to speak to Corbett Stackhouse and finds Sookie first.

  • “This story is all kinds of good. It’s hilarious and it keeps you on your toes.  There’s a criminal/mystery plot that will remind you of Criminal Minds, and it’s all — that means 100% kit and kaboodle — in Eric’s point of view. I have been known to stop everything I’m doing to read a chapter of S&S. Not to mention reading chapter 21 while waiting in line to see Alice in Wonderland“ –Sapfirerose


Ok, throw away all ideas of the SVM world to read this.  Truly.  There are some things that are the same:

  • Bill is a douche.
  • Alcide is a good guy

And that is about it.


Eric goes to Bon Temps to find a serial killer.  That has been sending emails from The Stackhouse Landscaping.  He walks in after having a really bad night so far.

And hears a voice on a phone, that he makes some BAD assumptions about.

Excerpt from Chapter 1:

It was nearly dark out as I opened the hallow aluminum door to the modular trailer office, I heard the receptionist answer the phone.

“Stackhouse Landscaping.” Fabulous. I’m glad I found the right place. I was starting to think that the in-breeders out here in the boonies didn’t read, since there wasn’t a sign anywhere in sight. I was almost sure, judging by the accent, that the receptionist wouldn’t disappoint my nearly perfect ‘Podunk experience’. I had to call a tow truck to pull my car out of a rut on an unpaved road. The driver wore overalls without a shirt, but didn’t forget his jean jacket. Hick. Since cell reception was a joke, I had to walk nearly a mile to get a signal, ruining a new pair of boots. Fucking red clay. And the one place there was to eat out here was about as appetizing as the floor of a truck stop restroom, and now I was starving. So I was sure that the ‘receptionist’ would complete the tour into the outer limits for me. Pushing 300 pounds. Greasy hair matted to an unappetizing face with more of a beard than I could muster in a week.  She would probably be wearing something spandex and sleeveless to accentuate her batwings and strap flab. I’d bet a million dollars that her teeth alone could scare a maggot from a cow pie.

A Halloween wreath with bells on it announced me and I barely saw the top of a head over the cubicle-like desk and artificial fall flower arrangement in the small waiting area. I approached slowly, giving myself the strength to face this possible ogre on the other side of the partition.

I was shocked speechless by the sight before me. The source of the friendly country greeting I’d heard didn’t at all belong to the she-beast I had expected. Rather an angel. Not literally of course, but close. Her blond hair looked as soft as a cloud and framed her radiant face. Her sky blue eyes arrested mine and her soft pink lips formed a smile that was completely, unbelievably home and sex at the same time as she waved like we were old friends and then held up a finger, whispering ‘just a sec’.

I’d wait a year, as long as the view didn’t change.

Now this just keeps on rolling.  You have an engagement, some cheating, a serial killer, seriously intelligent Stackhouses, a bigger than life group of people who mesh so well that you will be cheering with the Four Horsemen to battle the younger set.

You will be going to play some of the music that is mentioned, wishing you could be at Dirges.  You will enjoy reading about Alcide scaring Compton with a bottle of tobasco sauce to the point he wets his pants.

And you will cry as you live with the deaths that are brought to this idyllic town from the serial killer coming.

I remind you yet again, do NOT make any assumptions based on the SVM universe, or the old adage about Assuming will be true.

This is complete.  She even did a part in Alcide’s POV.  I haven’t finished that one, because I usually got sidetracked by EricIzMine, and now I just can’t.  She started a sequel because her brats begged for one, but couldn’t do it.

If you become a Brat Pack member, there is a document that she ends the story.  Also as a Brat Pack, whenever they get dribbles that they are allowed to release, they do.  They have been amazing in trying to see what they can get for those of us that are still hungry for more.

Between starting you on Multiverse and me coming here, I read quite a bit on the Multiverse.  It was a great reminder on how much we lost with her, however, it made me laugh while I read it, remembering reading it all when it was released.

I was a late comer to all that is SVM/True Blood.  But when I got on the train, she was the one that everyone recommended to read.

I recommend her to you now.

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5 thoughts on “Review for Saint and Sinners by EricIzMine”

  1. Totally agree. It is one of the best all human stories completed. Plus having it all from Eric’s POV was spectacular. Alcide in Wonderland complements the story. Recommend reading that story immediately after finishing this one.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I recently reread S&S and Alcide in Wonderland. In fact, it was after you started reviewing ericizmine’s fic. She was unique.

    The way that people fight over Shakespeare being a normal person writing extraordinary works, she would have been the same to our generation had she lived. Shakespeare wrote for the masses after all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rereading, I have to admit to some gushing and hyperbole. But my words are limited, unlike Angela’s. I was one of her betas but never had much work. By the time I received her chapters, they were perfect. I don’t know if I was far down the list, or they just sprang from her head like that. I miss her and her stories. What was in that room?

      Liked by 1 person

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