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Star Trek 2009 Story Review: My Own Interrupted Iowa by T’Pinto

 My Own Interrupted Iowa 

Name of Story: My Own Interrupted Iowa

Fandom: Star Trek: 2009 Author: T’Pinto
Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: J. Kirk, Spock
Description (Authors): Jim invites Spock home for an old fashioned Christmas in Iowa and soon realizes that his feelings for his First Officer have grown much deeper than the mere friendship he was trying to foster. Fun and Romance ensue. First Time fic. Slash. Some NC-17 cont.

Review: This story, there are many things I can say and all a positive. It draws you in, makes you want to read more and never stop. It has everything, Drama, Romance, so on so forth! I think, this has to be the first Star Trek I had read, on recommendation from a fri… well Ellie… and I haven’t looked back fromthat fandom, if at all it drew me in. It starts with Kirk stating he was going to be alone for the holidays one night, then it escalated for the fact of the whole shore leave to be a road trip on their last few days or week of leave. But Spock agrees to spend the holidays with Kirk when they find out he too would be alone and that’s where it starts. Soon they grow close, as they get to know one another and I can’t help but Awe, of course Spock is a little OCC but hell its amazing none the less.