We here at The Non-Canon awards had decided to make a contest for all you lovely non-canon lovers out there, we realized that there was never enough non-canon related contests out there for us and well… here we are.

This was originally a twilight only contest page but have decided to change it up 🙂 We will be having a different Fandom Contest through certain months. We will also be doing Author Spotlights and Interviews, Story Reviews, Contest and Fandom Information.

March 9th to 17th  
March 18th to 25th 

Harry Potter
May 1st – May 14th
May 15th – May 22nd
Winners announced 
May 24th


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. I saw the posts for the voting that was posted today for the non canon awards can i have the link for the stories? or could you tell me how to get there? It would be greatly appreciated!!! I’m still learning wordpress site lol. thanks


  2. I missed Harry Potter, which was my fandom. Are you going to be doing this again next year? That way I can mark my calendar and make sure not to miss it.


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