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Contest Piece Two!

Title: Hoist the Colours my Siren
Erebor. The greatest of Dwarven Kingdoms to grace the sea, renowned for its: engineering, battlements and fleets — had fallen. It was time for them to take their home back, with the help of Bilbo, a respectable fellow of the Merfolk.


Hobbit Story Review: A Touch of Magic by manic_intent

Name of Story: A Touch of Magic

Fandom: Hobbit

Author: manic_intent


Rating (If Applicable): M/NC-17

Pairing: Fem!Bilbo/Thorin

Description (Authors): Bofur had to make two rounds of the tent before everything was finally, finally settled to Bella’s satisfaction, and she sulked and grumbled yet as he sank down into a chair, exhausted.

“Why are we doing this again?” Bella complained, not for the first time. She had discovered that Bofur had forgotten all of her favourite handkerchiefs two hours into the expedition setting out of Erebor, and had been in a foul mood ever since.

“The King called a muster-“

“No,” Bella interrupted, with a scowl, “Why are we involved?”

“Because,” Bofur began, then he hesitated, playing along with Bella’s mood, tugging at his beard, and conceding, “Y’know, I’ve quite forgotten.”




Now the other day I reviewed manic_intent’s (Not Quite) Prince Charming story and because I loved it so much, I decided to check out their other fics and stumbled across this masterpiece too.

Manic_Intent has a seriously good knack for good plot ideas, one’s I’ve never come across in ANY fandom that I read, so this time I was pulled into a world where Hobbits were just more than simple beings. They had a knack with their Anchors and had a good relationship with the Dwarrow’s, bringing out the best of their ability with their own magic.

It’s set after Erebor and during the Battle of Azanulbizar, except this time it sways a little in the Dwarrow’s favour. There were many emotional rides, from full out laughter to outraged sadness.

So go check it, give it a read and send some love!


Story Preview:

The dwarves claim that Mahal their Maker shaped them first, and Yavanna, Mahal’s wife, created the hobbits after, as spirit to their flesh of stone and clay. The hobbits say that Yavanna Kementári wove the hobbits out of the half-shadows between the Two Trees, to tend to Telperion and sing Laurelin to sleep, and the dwarves came only after: when Mahal had seen what his wife had wrought and had felt a craftsman’s jealous curiosity.

Whichever race speaks true matters little: the consequence remains the same – when Ilúvatar rebuked Mahal for creating the unfinished Seven Fathers of the Dwarves, it was Yavanna who bound the spirits of her own creations to her husband’s, to form between both races an unbreakable interlinking. For there is no true life without spirit, and no true living without flesh.

With time, the symbiosis between the races grew less desperate. The dwarves grew into sturdy folk, full of a measured breed of energy that was all their own, though they have no innate penchant for magic. The hobbits remained a half-spirit folk, part-shaped, fleeting between Middle Earth and a realm they’ll not speak of, even to the dwarves. But sometimes a hobbit will still bind himself or herself a dwarf’s soul, oft for reasons he or she will smile of and refuse to explain, and these dwarves, the Blessed, are bound always for greater deeds.

Hobbit Story Review: (Not Quite) Prince Charming by manic_intent

Name of Story: (Not Quite) Prince Charming

Fandom: Hobbit

Author: manic_intent


Rating (If Applicable): M/NC-17

Pairing: Bilbo/Thorin

Description (Authors): The problem, Bilbo would later tell Gandalf in aggrieved irritation, was not so much the unannounced visitors, oh no, but the fact that due to the lateness of the hour and sheer merciless fate, it came to be that at the respectable age of forty, Bilbo was being introduced to a real, live king while wearing striped pyjamas and fluffy slippers.



As some of you may know, I have been thoroughly involved with the hobbit fandom as of late, I just can’t get enough. Besides crossovers I am obsessed with Thorin/Bilbo fics whether Bilbo be a male or female I honestly don’t care… and I had run out of fics to read. I didn’t take to the modern world AU…

THEN I stumbled along this masterpiece. A mix between the modern world and Tolkien. I fell in love from the first sentence to the last and by god did it send me into a fit when it ended. Everything was written well and sent me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions while having to remind myself this wasn’t a scifi movie or book but actual fanfiction!

Viewfinders, high-tech AI’s and freaking phaser axes! Everything a gal like me could want in a story of the modern world!

I highly suggest it, give it a go and share the love!


Story Preview:

The problem, Bilbo would later tell Gandalf in aggrieved irritation, was not so much the unannounced visitors, oh no, but the fact that due to the lateness of the hour and sheer merciless fate, it came to be that at the respectable age of forty, Bilbo was being introduced to a real, live king while wearing striped pyjamas and fluffy slippers.

Granted, in the four decades of his life to date Bilbo was no stranger to abject humiliation by any means, if only because he had always been vertically challenged and had been forced to go through the cruel gauntlet that was state school, but he was fairly sure that where the British were concerned, this particular episode was quite possibly, as it were, forging new horizons in the wide sea of utter mortification.

“He doesn’t mind,” Gandalf arched his whiskery gray eyebrows with an expression of innocent surprise. He had trailed behind Bilbo to the bedroom, leaning against the doorway while Bilbo hastily buttoned up his best shirt. “After all, the hour is late, and I did not call ahead to notify you that we were coming.”

“Yes, why didn’t you call ahead?” Bilbo hissed, “I could have appreciated a text, even, maybe along the lines of ‘Dear William Robert Baggins, I will in an hour or so be bringing along some scions of East European royalty, so please ensure that the kettle is on and you are appropriately dressed’?”

“I never text,” Gandalf drawled, and held up two long-fingered, bony hands in supplication when Bilbo bristled and briefly considered the ambit of justifiable homicide. “This is a rather unusual situation, old friend, and we’ve had to go to some great lengths to come to your apartment without being followed. In the circumstances, propriety is rather something of an intellectual exercise, isn’t it?”

Bilbo exhaled explosively, as he threaded through his cufflinks. “I suppose… oh, well, then, um,” he muttered, as he cleared his throat, “I think I’ve seen the pictures after the… but they really are royalty?”


Story Review: Mountain Mother by Illyth

Name of Story: Mountain Mother
Fandom: Hobbit
Author: Illyth
Rating (If Applicable): T
Pairing: Fem!Bilbo/Thorin

Description (Authors): She is more Took than Baggins, and she was so very lonely in her cozy smial. How would the story change for a young Billa Baggins, only a few years past her majority? How would this Billa’s story end? *this story starts right before the BotFA and will continue in to the rebuilding of Erebor* Fem!Bilbo, Girl!Bilbo


This story starts off right before BotFA, it was another fic that captured me and by god does it capture you. I was a bit hesitant at first because of the gender change but really it is fantastic!

It’s angst in the beginning, there are some good times and bad, and much guilt trips to the Dwarrow after they realise that their burglar had been hurt.

Billa is a strong character, much like her male counterpart the very least and has fought tooth and nail to keep her only family she has left, a mothers love and instinct. Will she forgive them or return home to the shire? Do the other Dwarrow’s respect her or will they treat her harshly because she was announced as a traitor to the king? Who knows, but you have got to read this, give it some love.

I promise you there is a happy ending, a lot of pain and hardships, mending of friendships and romance… but there is a HEA!

Story Review: A Shot in the Dark by Silver pup


Name of Story: A Shot in the Dark
Fandom: Hobbit
Author: Silver pup
Rating (If Applicable): T
Pairing: Thorin/Bilbo
Description (Authors): AU — When he opens his eyes again, he finds himself in his old bed in his old home in his old body. Is this death? Or a trick of magic? Either way, Bilbo recognizes a second chance when he sees one, and this time his adventure with Thorin is going to go a bit differently.


As some of you know, I have been a little bit obsessed with the Hobbit fanfiction as of late, even writing a crossover with that and the usual Twi. I think I have read nearly all the multi chapter (Non-modern) fics out there and this by far is my favourite.

It is a Fix-It story, so no deaths and by god it is amazing! It draws you in and before you know it, you’re hooked and can’t stop until you are done and wanting more!

The story starts off at the very beginning of the tale and only Bilbo knows what has happened and what to come. A cruel jest of magic or is it a blessing? But things don’t turn out the way that he intended, a little change of anything can set off a chain of reactions that no one intended or expected!

Everything is so capturing, the emotions, the descriptions… everything!

If you’re looking for something entertaining and different to read, then check it out!