The Villains Turn Contest

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“I may not know much, but I do know this: The bad guy doesn’t get the girl!”
Not everyone loves the Hero, not everyone wants to see them win. So what if this time the Villain of the story wins, either he is good or bad, he still wins. If you have always loved the Villain more than the hero, but they never get the chance, here is your turn to let them! It’s The Villains Turn.

All Entries will be posted on the Non-Canon’s Fanfiction Page:







– All submissions must be ANONYMOUS. Please do not post or continue your story anywhere until after the winners have been announced.

– You may promote the contest and say that you entered, but if you in any way reveal which story is yours you will be immediately disqualified. Also please do not reply to the reviews of your story until winners are announced!

– All entries must not be from an already existing Fanfiction Story, you may continue after the contest is over.

– All entries must be Villain Winning based. The Villain MUST win, either he becomes the good guy like the movie (Megamind) or the Villains win! They can be a Villain from any book, movie, tv series or made up your own!

– Collaborations are welcome.

– Limit of two per person/collaboration. So either two stories or one story and Collab per person.

– Minimum of 2,000 words not including Authors note.

– All POV’s welcome.

– All pairings, fandoms and crossovers welcome.


– Please DO NOT submit entries with scenes of rape, incest, abuse, bestiality, or pedophilia. They will be rejected on sight!

– Lemons are allowed, but they are not required.

– All Entries must include the heading below.

Submission Heading:

Non-Canon Awards; The Villains Turn

Pen Name:



Word Count:


Summary: (255 Character Limit)


Please submit all entries to

writer banner

Important Dates

Entries will be accepted September 22nd to September the 30th 

Public Voting will commence on October 2nd to 9th

Winners will be announced on October 12th


1st Prize Public Vote

– An Interview on The Non-Canon Awards

– Banner made by TheDarkestFallingStar

– Contest Banner

2nd and 3rd Voters choice Award

– Contest Banner

– Honourable Mention on The Non-Canon Awards

Most Original Story Award

– Contest Banner

Best Villain Created 

– Contest Banner

Best Lemon

– Contest Banner

Most Shocking Twist

– Contest Banner

Most Terrifying 

– Contest Banner

Best Collaboration 

– Contest Banner

Best Supporting Characters 

– Contest Banner

Best Villain use 

– Contest Banner

Most Unusual Pairing

– Contest Banner


One thought on “The Villains Turn Contest”

  1. Congratulations! You’ve been nominated in the 2015 TwiFic Fandom Awards!

    The full list of nominees will be published on the site tomorrow, October 31.

    Round 1 polls will open this Sunday, November 1, and close November 7 at 11:59pm EST. Round 1 results will be announced on November 14. Round 2 polls will open November 15 and close November 21 at 11:59pm EST.

    Banners will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners, with 1st place winners also receiving a blinkie. All winners and the recipients of the Fandom Achievement Award will be announced December 6.

    Good luck!

    Host, Organizer
    TwiFic Fandom Awards


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