The Author Nominatons

The Royal Author Award
The Royal Fic Award
The Non-Canon Author Award
The Non-Canon Fic Award
The Underdog
The Underfictionated Award

The Pairing Section
Best Hermione/Draco Pairing
Best Hermione/Harry Pairing
Best Hermione/ Severus Pairing
Best Neville/Luna Pairing
Best Severus/Lily

The Slash Section

Best Draco/Harry Section
Best Cedric/Harry Section
Best Other Slash Section
Best Poly
The Draco Section
The Neville Section
The Harry Section
The Ron Section

The Other Categories

Best Other Non-Canon Pairing
Best Crossover
Best Original Character
Best One Shot
Best Lemon
Best Suspense
Best Tear Jerker
Best Humour
Best Romance
Best Quote

The Arts

Best Banner
Best Manip
Best Video
Best Fan Art

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