Review for From The Rooftop to Love by Gyllene

I am here to give you a treat, the first story I read by Gyllene, It blew me away, and had her added to my favorite Authors which I am kinda picky about.

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Name of Story: From the Rooftop to Love

Fandom: SVM/TB

Author: Gyllene


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Eric/Sookie

Description (Authors):  Set from Season 2 after Sookie watches Godric meet the sun she goes to Eric to comfort him. Bill doesn’t like this. At first Sookie and Eric will be friends but soon they will become so much more.

This is my first story. All mistakes are mine.


This is the story that started my journey with Gyllene. I found it on Fanfiction, and soon, for some odd reason, she joined by group. Then one day my web admin brought in this awesome lady to help out on some sites. Since then she makes me some awesome banners, and she lets me know when she is publishing!

This wonderful journey started with this story, and for a first time, well we can say it blew the socks off my first story, and then me! She is a gifted writer, and it has been an impressive ride!

I just stood there for a few minutes. I couldn’t believe that Godric was gone. Then I remembered Eric and my heart broke again thinking about seeing him begging Godric to live. I always thought Mr. Big Bad Vampire Sheriff had no feelings, but tonight I saw him with his masks down. Just like in my dream when I told him, he was a big faker.

As I am heading back downstairs, I can’t stop thinking about Eric and how heartbroken he must be without his Maker. I feel like I need to go and see him and make sure he is going to be all right. I know Bill will not be very happy about it, but everyone deserves to have someone there to care for them when someone so special to them dies.

As I am approaching his door, I see that it’s not closed all the way. The Eric Northman I know always has his instincts and guard up. He must be really distraught if he left his door open.

  • Excerpt from Chapter 1 of From Rooftop to Love by Gyllene

I enjoyed this story, (And in fact to refresh my mind I already got all caught up in the story again!) It was unique, in that Eric was himself, but yet you see the changes in him from Godric’s passing. It was not all roses and wine, but that made the story even better if you ask me.

This story is a great one if you want to start reading her, if for some reason you have not started yet. I loved this this may start off like one you have read before, but she quickly moves it out of the realm of what has been done, to a new one.

You see more of the Eric that finally shows in Season 4, and you get a much better idea about him. Sookie is not the wishy washy type we all hate, but there is a lot of the parts we DID like. Don’t get me wrong, we still have Flirty Eric. And Hard-Ass Eric, but we also see a gentleman and someone who cares in him also in this story.

I hope you give this wonderful story a chance. I am going to go back to rereading it. It seems to add more to the story (Which was awesome to begin with!) with the pictures added.

And yes, I am rereading this masterpiece.  Thank for reading!

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5 thoughts on “Review for From The Rooftop to Love by Gyllene”

  1. This is the story that brought me to gyllene’s writing, and the rest, as they say, is history. It’s compelling, poignant, and will move the toughest reader to tears. A truly beautiful start for a wonderful writer. A masterpiece? Yes, definitely.


  2. I found Gyllene first with Redemption that is a very unusual yet beautifully written and very very touching story & then I am enjoying immensely the Lovers trilogy in progress… Rooftop is currently in my ‘to-read-soon’ and I am thrilled to read such a fantastic review!


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