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Judges Choice Winner Interview With TwiAddictAnne

Hello!  So sorry that it’s taken so long to get this to you! So this is like the normal interview but with changed questions 🙂 First Congrats on winning first place Judges/Public voting!

a beauty for a beast

So we are going to start out with some basic information for all of you.

Can you please tell the people reading this your name?

It’s Anne, but I sign my name as Ann in the fandom.



Link to your work?

Fanfiction. net: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/5527504/TwiAddictAnne

TheWriter’sCoffeeShop: http://www.thewriterscoffeeshop.com/library/viewuser.php?uid=112065

FictionPad: https://fictionpad.com/author/TwiAddictAnne

Archive of Our Own: http://archiveofourown.org/users/TwiAddictAnne/pseuds/TwiAddictAnne

Okay, so now the story questions!

What made you decide to write for the Non-Canon awards?

To tell you the truth, when I first heard about the awards, I thought non-canon is not my cup of tea. So I skipped past the post a few times. But one day I saw a post from Cloe on Facebook saying that other fandoms are being welcomed into the Non-Canon Awards as well. Then I got thinking that the only non-canon pairing I love, and can write is Damon and Elena in TVD. So that led to some brain-storming and here I am. 🙂 Continue reading Judges Choice Winner Interview With TwiAddictAnne

Contest Author Review with eddiebell69

Hello!  So sorry that it’s taken so long to get this to you! So this is like the normal interview but with changed questions 🙂 First Congrats on winning first place Public voting! 

Twisted Fairy Tales PV 1 Through the Crepuscular Glass

So we are going to start out with some basic information for all of you.

Can you please tell the people reading this your name?

Penname? eddiebell69

Link to your work? https://www.fanfiction.net/~eddiebell69

Okay, so now the story questions!

What made you decide to write for the Non-Canon awards? I love non-canon stories and pairings, but when I saw that the contest called for a dark fairy tale with a twist, I knew that I had to enter.

What made you choose that fairy tale? I’ve got a thing for anything regarding madness—books, movies and music—and I am a little obsessed with Alice in Wonderland, so after seeing one of the pictures for inspiration on the contest’s tumblr, I knew immediately that I had to write about it.

Are you a new follower or have been one since the beginning?  Sadly, I’m a new follower, but now I’m here to stay! 😉

Tell us, what was your muse for writing the story? All the gory details are welcome! I have always wanted to write an Alice/Edward story, and I have definitely tried in the past, but it somehow never came to fruition. Another thing that I wanted to do for a while as well was for Alice to be a murderer. I know that sounds dark and twisted, but it was perfect for the contest, and thankfully, I was able to do it in a way that wasn’t too gory. As far as inspiration goes, I watched Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, and I listened to the movie’s soundtrack whilst writing. I also did lots of research beforehand, too, and while I did my background investigation, I found a website called Heavy Red. That’s where I found the visuals and inspiration for Alice’s wardrobe. *whispers* She’s a Steampunk baby!

How were you writing for the story? Nervous, excited? I was nervous and excited! Nervous because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to pull it off, and excited because I was managing to write out all the scenes I’d imagined when plotting the story.

What was your favourite fic –besides your own- in the contest? A Beauty for a Beast

Is there another Fairytale you would have chosen if you had the chance? Yes! I had also thought about writing a Ravenna/Snow White story based on the characters from Snow White and the Huntsman, and I even considered writing it as a second entry, but I ran out of time and couldn’t do it.

What was the hardest about writing? Finding the right music to write to… Yeah, I know that sounds crazy, but I always write with music, and if I don’t have the right song to do it, I get blocked. It wasn’t until I searched for Alice in Wonderland’s soundtrack that I was able to get my words flowing flawlessly.


Thanks.  That gives us some basic information.  Now the general questions, about the writing –   I know you’re excited…

Why did you start writing? I actually started writing fanfiction for a contest about four years ago, and, to be honest, I write most of my stories for contests.

What do you enjoy the most about it? The challenge a story presents when you come up with an idea, and being able to reach the goal of conveying a character’s tale and journey once you finish writing it. So, when I get a review telling me that they understood what I was trying to get across? It’s fucking priceless.  

What do you like least about it? How readers can be very close-minded. I know that if I enter a contest and my story is not how many want it, I’m going to get negative and hateful reviews. It’s happened many times, but it still doesn’t deter me from continuing to write.

That first time hitting publish, how did you feel? I was so nervous. I think I stalled for about thirty minutes before I just said, “Fuck it,” and pushed that miraculous button. lol J

Where do you get your inspiration? Mostly from music! I’ll look at a contest prompt and then search for a song that relates to it if I don’t already know one. From there, I listen to it; I study the lyrics and see how I can work the song into my story. I do this about 99% of the time. Ooh, but I also search for visuals—lots of visuals. Visuals and music are good.

What is your writing area like? Do you use computer or paper, or both?  Or another medium? I use my computer, my cell phone, my iPad and my notebook to write, and I do it anywhere I can because time is often scarce. As for my writing area? I’d have to say it’s my bed and a small portable desk. That’s where I do my editing and brainstorming.

Do you use an outline, rough draft or just write? It really depends on the story, but as I’ve gotten more involved in writing and its process, I’ve been doing outlines for most.

What do you do while you’re writing (listen to music, TV in the background, etc.)? Did I mention that I listen to music? Because, yeah. lol 😉

What annoys you the most when you are trying to write? Ugh. When my mom keeps trying to have a conversation with me when she clearly knows that I’m in my writing bubble. That. Really. Sucks.

If you have finished a fic, what was your feeling on it? Finished writing a fic? I felt accomplished and happy. If the question is regarding reading a fic, I definitely felt inspired and awed.

What are your favourite fandoms to write? Twilight, but I plan on writing some Glee and Orange Is the New Black stories. Hopefully. Someday.

Who are your favourite characters to write? Jake and Leah!

Why? They are the most underrated and misunderstood characters in the fandom. And I say misunderstood because many people forget that Jake was an immature teenager that was in love with his best friend. Was he going to be manipulative? Definitely. Also, Leah needs more happy endings! Stephenie Meyer really messed that up in the books… Jake and Leah, anyone? 😉

Who are your least favourite characters to write? This is going to sound crazy, but… Edward and Bella.

Why? Because many people won’t read stories if Edward and Bella are not the lead characters, and when they are, they always have some sort of happy ending—even if the story doesn’t merit it. There was actually a contest I didn’t enter because one of the judges said that if it wasn’t about an Edward/Bella pairing, she wasn’t going to read the entry. But still, I’ll write about them when they take over my mind and tell me their story. It’s happened a lot recently.

What is your favourite scene or story you have written and why? My favourite scene or story? That’s a tough question. I’m really proud of all my stories, so I can’t really pick just one, especially because they’re all special in their own way. Sorry. L

What is the most difficult story or scene you have written, and why? The most difficult scene I’ve had to write to date is the last one in my story “Lead Me into the Light.” I cried a lot while I wrote it because I shared the journey that my characters made throughout the story, so when I accomplished reaching their destiny, it was really hard letting them go.

Do you see any characteristics in the characters you write? Definitely.

Which ones and whom? All of my characters are unique in their own way, and even when they’re canon, I find a way to make them a little different. This is where finding visuals for my stories is vital, actually. When I’m plotting a story, I’m able to discern my characters’ mood, and then I search for a picture that will match who they are. It’s actually kinda weird and amazing at the same time.

What do you like most about your preferred fandom? The friends I’ve made and how supportive they are. The Twilight fandom can be a crazy bunch, but there are lots of good peeps in it, too.

How would you describe your fics? I’d like to say “original” because I try to make them as original as I can, but I am using someone else’s characters, so that doesn’t really apply. I’ll use the word “unique”—it’s the most fitting. Definitely. And from the heart because they are always created with lots of love.

What story would you recommend of your own for a new fan to start first? Hmm, it would probably be “Someday.” It’s an Emmett/Rosalie story that I wrote for the Fruit’s On the Vine Contest, which won Best Other Pairing. I’m very, very proud of it.

Now the HARD questions:

If you could offer a suggestion to someone who is thinking of publishing their first story, what would it be? Always stay true to yourself and your characters. Don’t write your story in a way that would please others. Write for yourself and from the heart, and your stories will leave an impact on others. And find a really good beta. Betas make such a huge difference!

If you could go back in time, and give yourself one word of advice, what would you say?  (No Lottery numbers or anything like that!!!) Like, life in general? Study. Study a lot and take advantage of the free education that is provided for you. I will always regret not having studied when I could.

What 5 stories would you recommend someone read?  Please list fandom, sites and name with pairing.

Okay, these stories are all from the Twilight fandom and are posted on fanfiction.net:

Pretty in Pink by fr333bird (Riley/Emmett)

If Only by sadtomatoff (Jake/Edward)

Divine Intervention by ImaginaryHeart (Jake/Bella)

Doc McCarty and the Big, Purple Toy by Discordia81 (Edward/Emmett)

Outbound by afternoondlight (My all-time favourite Edward/Bella fic)

Is there something you wished I asked, and if so, what as well as the answer.

Q: How did you find out about the contest?

A: Through a Google search for contests! I was actually looking for Fic Central’s website for the info, but it lead me to the site.

Thanks!! I will be turning this in.  Please see the next page for the Questionnaire for the Character!


Name of Character:  Edward Hightopp

Story he is in: Through the Crepuscular Glass

Is (s)he an original Character or a series known? Hmm…. Original? He’s a combination of Twilight’s Edward Cullen with Tim Burton’s Tarrant Hightopp from Alice in Wonderland.

Are they in character or Out of Character? Definitely OOC since I truly did make a combination out of both characters. Edward Hightopp is a mad hatter, but he’s only madly in love.

Nickname(s): Hatter and Hightopp

Date of Birth: June 19, 1871

Occupation: Hatter

Stats (Aka Height, hair colour, eye colour, and so on): He’s six feet tall, has copper-coloured hair, vibrant green eyes and a chiselled face.

Significant other(s): Alice Brandon

Best Friend(s): March Hare and Mallymkun the dormouse

Enemies(s): Riley Stayn

Any noticeable Scars, Tattoos, or other markings: Not really, except for the fact that his hair truly is wild.

If they could have a Theme Song, which would it be? All Time Low’s “Painting Flowers.” That song truly depicts Edward’s devotion for Alice.

What is their favourite Movie? Georges Méliès’ Cinderella.

What is something that the fans don’t know about your character? Oh, my god, this is a tough question since Edward Hightopp is well-known for his personality, but, if I had to pick just one thing, it would be that he’s a very loving person. Many know that he’s passionate, yet when it comes to the heart, he cherishes his beloved in all extent of the word.


Thanks again eddiebell69 for writing in the contest 🙂

Contest Review for A Beauty for a Beast

a beauty for a beast

First Congrats on the Judges choice! 

Title: A Beauty for a Beast
By: TwiAddictAnne
Fandom: Book Verse TVD
Pairing: Elena/Damon
Summary: A curse turned him into a beast and he was looking for a Beauty who could help him break the spell. What he found was so much more.



A Beauty for a Beast is very captivating but a tissue warning is in place!

If you’ve enjoyed Beauty and the Beast as a child you’ll definitely love this story! It’s a Vampire Diaries story with a very interesting and well played out twist!

As Damon reveals his secret she has one of her own…


I couldn’t stop once I’ve started reading. Poor John has to give up his youngest child to a beast of a man just for a wrong turn he took. Damon is a vicious man at the beginning and comes off as an asshole but as you get more into the story and of his past you’ll see why he’s the way he is! Witches, vampires, what else is to come???

Naive Elena jumps to the opportunity to help her dad and braves the mansion…but what she finds, her experiences, and what comes of it will shock you!


This story will keep you wanting more at the same time wanting you to reach in and hold Damon!

I highly recommend this story!!!

Submission Piece 4

Through the Crepuscular Glass


Words: 12,661
Genre: Fantasy/Suspense
Rated: T
Character: Alice, Edward

Despite the twelve years that have passed since Alice’s trip to Wonderland, she’s reminiscent of it and yearns to return. Seeking an escape from her tedious life, Alice manages to revisit, yet Wonderland isn’t the same anymore—and neither is she.