Review for Lover’s Always by Gyllene

Hello! I know I have been bad, but you will see me a lot more for awhile. I am setting up a bunch of these reviews, and at least you will get then every  Tuesday.  We are still doing Gyllene, and I hope you are set to read this wonderful lady!


Name of Story: Lover’s Always

Fandom: SVM/TB

Author: Gyllene


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Eric/Sookie

Description (Authors):  The sequel to Lover’s Amnesia. Things settle down for our favorite couple, and new relationships are formed, but will that peace last? Read on to find out if what happens in Dallas…stays in Dallas…


This story is the Sequel to Lover’s Amnesia. It starts off on a ride to Dallas, and you learn that their Dayman, Charlie, and Sookie’s teacher in Telepathy, Hauk, is with the two lovers. They also discuss ideas of what happened.

The story is pretty new, and is just setting off, but it quickly drags you into the mystery of what happened to Godric. You meet Godric’s dayperson, and of course, Bill Compton has to stick his nose into the story.

You also get a yummy Well known Tiger, and like a lot of the story, the players in this story don’t always stick to what is well known. So it allows you to look into the story more and more trying to figure out how all the pieces will fit together.

She just updated this story with a LARGE chapter. I highly recommend you continue the story from Lover’s Amnesia into Lover’s Always. And if you haven’t read Lover’s Amnesia… well why the heck not? Go!! Shoo!! Read!!!!!!!!

I love this story, as well as getting heads up from my birdies.  This one was a couple of days early, but as I mentioned above, well worth it.

I’m off to write the next reviews.  See you soon!
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