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Contest Piece One

Title: Love Gas, Baby (title should be sung to tune of ‘Love Shack’ by B-52s)

Genre: Crossover – True Blood / SVM with Torchwood

Pairing: Pam / Captain Jack Harkness / Orgasm Gas Alien; Eric / Sookie / Orgasm Gas Alien

Summary: A crossover of TB/SVM with Torchwood, Pam is gleefully minding everyone else’s business when she spies a meteor falling to earth. At first she thinks it is headed straight for Sookie Stackhouse’s place so she rushes to save her, only to find the meteor has landed on Compton’s face and melted his skin to the floor. As Pam gleefully rips his skin from said floor with her stiletto, she accidentally pierces the meteor, releasing a pink orgasm gas alien that inhabits Sookie. Unable to find any satisfaction with the pathetic vampire glued to the floor and realising Pam is not equipped for her pleasure, Sookie heads off for the nearest epicentre of unbridled lust – Fangtasia. Captain Jack Harkness arrives and together he and Pam try to track down the orgasm gas alien so they can bottle it and sell it to the impotent aliens of Frigid Prudia 5 – oops, I mean so they can help save Sookie…. Guest appearance made by orgy pants. Features scenes of rampant stationery fetishism.

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