Contest Piece Two

Title: Over the Rainbow

Pairing: 10th Doctor / Sookie / Beehl

Summary: A crossover of TB/SVM with Doctor Who. Sookie is busy running off into the woods in the middle of the night (*sigh*) but at least this time she is running away from Bill, only to run straight into a maenad, or rather an alien creature masquerading as a maenad. The Tenth Doctor materialises in his TARDIS who has taken pity upon Sookie and is determined to show her the truth about Bill, who rushes on board the TARDIS just in time as Sookie tearfully tells him they can go back to his human time and stop him being turned… Only thing is, the TARDIS doesn’t take them back to Civil War era Bon Temps as expected. So who exactly is Bill Compton anyway and what is he hiding?

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