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TVD Interview with SuckerforDelena

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1) For the record and the fans, what’s your name?

My name is Twisha.

2) How long have you been writing?

I just started writing in February 2014.

3) What inspires you to write?

Well, this may be first, but a writer I met here on FanFiction pushed me to write. I read and reviewed her stories, and we became fast friends. She told me I have that passion. If I decided to write I would do really good. I didn’t believed her at first. I was absolutely reluctant to write but she told me to have faith. I did, and here we are. She was the reason I wrote my first fiction. Then I gained some confidence and continued writing.

4) I know some writers don’t really care if they receive reviews as long as they have readers, but how do you feel when you get a review?

I am not one of them. I just love reviews and CRAVE them. If anyone of my chapter gets less reviews, I start freaking out and thinking that I did a bad job writing the chapter and that’s why less people are reviewing it. I get discouraged but don’t stop writing (I may take longer than usual to update) as I don’t think that’s fair to the ones that are spending their time and reading. I have also came to know that reviews are an important part but they aren’t the only part. My favorite writer here, ridingdamon, have written a whole lot of stories and many of them haven’t received more than 1 review. So I don’t let them stop me from writing.

5) Most writers have something playing in the background when they write, what is the one thing that you have playing while you write?

I don’t play anything while I write. When I write I need silence and space. I usually write only when I am alone. Though there is one thing that I need when I write. That is net. I can not write without it. If you ask me to write a FanFiction where there is only Damon I can write it as I have literally memorised his character and dialogue. But if there is someone else involved, like Elena or Stefan or anyone, I have to read about then, get the feel and all that you know. I do research on them and then only am able to write.

6) What pairings do you enjoy writing and why?

I like writing DELENA. I mainly love them as I LOVE DAMON MORE THAN HELL. I could do anything for him. I have like thousands pictures of him and files of all his dialogues from season 1 to season 5, even if it is just a ‘yeah’. I can tell you anything about him. I follow him as Ian and Damon both. I know everything about him (You can try me). I am also thinking on writing a Ethan and Emma fic. It won’t be a Vampire Diaries fiction. (Obviously)

7) What pairings do you absolutely REFUSE to write and why?

I refuse to write Stelena. I just love Damon so much and I also believe that Elena doesn’t really loved Stefan, night have in starting season, but not after that. You might be imagining why is that. It’s cause I always believe if you love two person you don’t truly love the person you fell for first. If she was really in love with Stefan she wouldn’t have fallen for Damon.

8) Canon or Non Canon?

I haven’t ever written a canon. And also like non-canon.

TVD Interview with Jessica Chartier

TVD: Delena

Okay lets do this!

First question what’s your penname?

My full penname is: camaros-and-dopplegangers but on fictionpad and a couple other places with character limits its just camaroganger

How long have you been writing?

I’ve been dabbling in fanfiction for over 7 years in general; but in Vampire Diaries it’s been about 3 years

What inspired you to start writing in the Vampire Diaries Fandom?

I wasn’t very happy with where the show was going. I think that’s why a lot of people start writing fanfiction. I had a lot of “what if” ideas in my head

Which pairing do you write?

I mainly write Damon/Elena, but I do have a Tyler/Elena story I’m working on

Tyler/Elena? Now that’s an interesting pairing! I don’t think I’ve read, let alone seen, any of that pairing!

There are a few of them out there, you just have to look really hard…and of course, they aren’t nearly as popular as Delena or Stelena are

I’ve got my work cut out for me then! I want to read some Tylena! And yeah that’s true but there should be more of the other pairings

Who’s your favorite to write?

There should be more pairings. To me, that’s the whole point of writing fanfic. Writing the stuff that will NEVER be on TV, or was in the books. My favorite to write has to be Tyler/Elena simply because there is so little of it out there. I can be as creative as I want. With Damon/Elena there are set “standards” that I feel everyone agrees on for stories that at some point nothing is 100% original anymore

Exactly! That is what fanfic is all about. That’s what I write what they call Non Canon, OOC, and all that good jazz. I don’t write many in character stories or canon pairings

I do a lot of OOC, even if I’m writing canon pairings. I have to have originality in what I write. I like to bring it back to my Twilight writing days, BEFORE the movies. We were never really told what Peter and Char looked like, but for some reason, everyone decided to go with the same couple of basic descriptions for them. That’s not “fan-fiction” to me.

I agree!

I know some writers don’t care if they get a review as long as they have readers. But how does it make you feel to have someone, a stranger, leave you a review on something you worked hard on?

I love it! I had hit a place with my Tyler/Elena story where I was getting NO feedback at all, and it was rough. Someone from twitter who doesn’t even watch the show took time out of her day, and read AND reviewed every chapter for me. It made me happy. I don’t care about the reviews, that’s like a professional writer only caring about the money. I have a story to tell, and as long as it’s getting told that’s what’s important. The reviews are just the “bonus Jonas”

Great answer and truer than most people realize!

When I was younger I went by the whole “10 reviews before I update” thing, and I just wasn’t happy with myself. I became addicted to the reviews

Some writers have background noise (i.e. music, tv, etc) do you have background noise? If so what?

I have music. I live and breathe for music. I have different playlists for every story or possible story that I’m writing

Sounds like me lol That’s exactly what I do on spotify…have them all labeled.

Yeah. and each playlist fits the mood for the story. So, my Tyler/Elena playlist is all country music because it takes place down south. The Damon/Elena playlist is an angst-fest because that’s what that story is right now

What Vampire Diaries pairing do you absolutely RUFUSE to write and why?

I will NOT write anyone with Bonnie, because I don’t like her. I think she is selfish and in general an awful friend. I’ve thought this since S1, and even though she has had redeeming moments, the damage has been done in my eyes. Also, everyone pairs her with Damon, and that’s really weird.

Bonnie was awful I’ll give ya that one. I have read some Bonnie/Damon and even though they were well written it’s still weird.

I mean, I get it that this last season her and Damon were stuck together, but…they HATE each other.

Canon or Non Canon?

I feel like I always lean more towards Non Canon, I’m very picky with Canon stuff

Tell us about you and your writing other than what you’ve mentioned…this is where you have the floor!

Like I said, I started writing twilight fanfiction, like i feel most people have, and it really helped me grow my writing style and helped me figure out what I do and don’t like. For example, I don’t do well writing in first person; so I basically ONLY write 3rd person (unless it’s a flashback and then that’s first person). That also helped me learn my writing process. I can’t use an outline. I either stray off of it so far my story has NOTHING to do with what it originally should have, or I try to stick to it so rigidly that my story lacks depth and originality. I like to write as organically as possible, but I’m a perfectionist and cant go more than a couple of paragraphs without proofreading and editing.

Oh wow!!!! Time always tends to teach us things. Especially us writers!

So glad you agreed to this interview! Thank you for taking part and answering my annoyingly questions! You ROCK! Look forward to reading your work!

Thank you so much for reaching out to interview me! This was my first time and I was honored.