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Review for Saint and Sinners by EricIzMine


So I told you guys I would do this one.  the only problem is by the time I was done, I was so sad that I needed to walk away for a little bit.

Don’t get me wrong, the story is funny and awesome.  But knowing that I will not get to read anything new snuck up and smacked me.

However… Read on.  I promise you this is MORE than worth it!

 Name of Story: Saints & Sinners

Fandom: SVM

Author: EricIzMine


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Eric/Sookie

Status: Complete

Description (Authors): 

All Human story… Eric Northman comes to Bon Temps to speak to Corbett Stackhouse and finds Sookie first.

  • “This story is all kinds of good. It’s hilarious and it keeps you on your toes.  There’s a criminal/mystery plot that will remind you of Criminal Minds, and it’s all — that means 100% kit and kaboodle — in Eric’s point of view. I have been known to stop everything I’m doing to read a chapter of S&S. Not to mention reading chapter 21 while waiting in line to see Alice in Wonderland“ –Sapfirerose


Ok, throw away all ideas of the SVM world to read this.  Truly.  There are some things that are the same:

  • Bill is a douche.
  • Alcide is a good guy

And that is about it.


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Review for Belong to You by RandomDarkness

I had read this one before I got sick, and it has been sitting on my iPad all this time for me to come back and read it.

I did a review last week, this is to break it up, next week will be the promised Saints and Sinners Review.

 Name of Story: Belong to You

Fandom: True Blood

Author: RandomDarkness


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Eric/Sookie

Status: Complete

Description (Authors): 

Set directly after 9 Crimes spoilers!, Vampire politics have backed Eric into a corner, and Sookie masterminds a plan that will rally the town of Bon Temps and go down in history… One way or another. Chapter 16 up. ALL done!


Belong to You is one of those stories I read when I was just starting, and it grabbed my attention.

Belong to You deals with an alternative to Season 3’s ending.  And I will say this; it is freaking awesome!!!!   It shows what can happen if people are willing to THINK first!

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Review for Bored to Death by EricIzMine


This one is hard for me to do, but at the same time, it is long overdue.

For a very long time, if you thought of SVM FanFiction, EricIzMine’s Multiverse is one of the staples of the fandom.  There is more than ample reason for this idea.

The woman was gifted beyond anything you could imagine.  She wrote multiple storylines of what if this one thing changed in the SVM universe?

And she did them often all at once.  They interwove with each other with a touch that amazes me to this day.

 Name of Story: Bored to Death

Fandom: SVM

Author: EricIzMine


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Eric/Sookie

Status: Complete

Description (Authors): 

I’m a ‘what if’ fan so for purposes of this story I went back to Dead Until Dark…

  • What if Bill hadn’t had the chance to scare Sookie in regards to Eric?
  • What if  Eric hadn’t tried to influence her from his throne?
  • What if Eric hadn’t kicked that fangbanger, causing the feeding/raid incident?

…for me the answer is simple. Sookie would have been just as relaxed and unfazed as she had been when she met Bill.

…She might have treated Eric like ‘just another guy’.

One simple act could have saved a lot of time and tears.

Perhaps, timing really is everything.


The sense of humor in this story is live and kicking.  The Eric and Sookie you read are a different animal than any I have found elsewhere.

Sookie is not your dumb blonde in this; she makes sense.  And for something different you are reading from Eric’s POV.

I will warn you; you will never look at Banana’s the same way again.

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Review for Dark Past, Bright Future by Ashley Sue


Yeah so I am going to try to update as I read.  Right now I went back to the beginning.  I’m talking about how I first started to read True Blood.

Yep, Fanfiction.

I filter for completed M stories with over 10k.  Sometimes I remember to add Sookie sometimes not.  So off we go with the blast to the past!

Bright Future 1

 Name of Story: Dark Past, Bright Future

Fandom: TB

Author:Ashley Sue


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Eric/Sookie/Godric

Status: Complete

Description (Authors): 

After recognizing Godric during the events in Dallas, Sookie returns to Louisiana and must choose between Bill, Godric, and Eric. Full summary inside.


Since I started my journey into True Blood from a Bella/Godric fic, the fact that Godric was in this one made it a must read.  And I liked the premise of the story.

To me it explained some things that had me wondering while watching the episode.

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Mythical Creature’s Winner whatarefilms Interview!

Let the Stars Unite Us

Hello!  Hello whatarefilms! So this is like the normal interview but with changed questions 🙂 First Congrats on winning first place for the Mythical Creatures Contest and thank you for writing!

So we are going to start out with some basic information for all of you.

Can you please tell the people reading this your name? My name is Carol, but my friends tend to yell out my name for some weird reason. When they text me it always comes out as CAAAARRRROOOLLL.

Penname? I go by whatarefilms and it’s just to show how much I love films by questioning what they are.

Link to your work? As of right now you can find me only on I just started posting so I only have two up but I’m so proud of them.

Okay, so now the story questions!

What made you decide to write for the Non-Canon awards? I had recently won Kittynaz’s December challenge, and felt confident enough to go for it.

What made you choose that Pairing/Myth? I’ve always loved mythology, from the moment that I first watched the Disney version of Hercules to reading all the Greek and Roman myths in high school. I never really thought of Norse mythology much until it was mentioned in Supernatural, and then Thor. Plus, Hiddleston’s Loki is probably one of the best things to come out of the MCU along with RDJ’s Iron Man. Also, Bella is such a pliable character, and I always wanted her to be stronger, so when I write her, she’s that strong female lead that you want.

Are you a new follower or have been one since the beginning?  Follower since the beginning. Loved Loki in Thor, Avengers, and Thor:TDW. I’ve followed Twilight ever since it came out but Bella’s character in the books really hurt me in my soul, so I love when authors do her justice and make her better, especially when it’s non-cannon. Continue reading Mythical Creature’s Winner whatarefilms Interview!

Contest Piece Two!

Title: Hoist the Colours my Siren
Erebor. The greatest of Dwarven Kingdoms to grace the sea, renowned for its: engineering, battlements and fleets — had fallen. It was time for them to take their home back, with the help of Bilbo, a respectable fellow of the Merfolk.


Contest Piece One!

We have our first entry!!!

Title: Let The Stars Unite Us
Sometimes a mother has to meddle. Frigga just wants her son to be happy, knowing that he could make another just as happy. Watch how even though they are separated by galaxies, they find their way to each other.