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Ok, You know how well meaning attempts and so on?  I had this ready to go earlier, but I forgot to hit publish.  So.. it didn’t go out, it didn’t save it didn’t do anything.  Oops.

So here is the interview, and hopefully this week I can go in and stock up on some reviews/interviews.  Sorry this wasn’t out on Friday like usual for an interview!


Basic information.

Can you please tell the people reading this your name?

I write under the name jc52185

Where do you like to post, and can you give us the site of your preferred medium?

I post on WordPress and (when it lets me). Lately, I prefer to use wordpress.

What do you prefer, Tea or Coffee?

Coffee. I’ll drink it any old way from black to light and sweet. My usual order is and iced caramel latte – even in the dead of winter.

What is your favorite beverage of choice?  And if alcoholic and mixed, what are the ingredients?

If we’re talking non-alcoholic it’s unsweetened iced tea. Alcohol is going to depend on what I am in the mood for. My wine I like reds. Beer, I like Blue Moon. If it’s a mixed drink, I usually do something fruity and with rum.

What is your funny story about trying something to drink and it rocked your boat and/or sucked?

It was something banana flavored. I love the taste but hate eating actual bananas so I thought the drink was a fantastical idea. No it definitely was not.

What foods do you love?

All the ones that are ‘bad’ for you. Don’t we all? Your pastas and breads are always a hit. I love asparagus and cooked broccoli. Red grapes and strawberries are also a hit with me. Lately I’ve been on a bit of a seafood kick.

What is your go to food for comfort?

Comfort food is mashed potatoes or mac and cheese. If I need comfort from a migraine greasy pizza will do it.

What do you like to snack when writing?

Plain cheerios or red grapes.

Is there a scent that says home to you?

Home? Not really. I do love the fresh scent (not the hot, muggy one) that can come from a thunderstorm.

Is there a scent you wish you never smelled ever?

Ugh yes. I have a strong sense of smell so there are many things I wish I didn’t smell. I can think of two worsts. One was something my dog rolled in. It was white and probably some sort of rotting animal. Bath time was not fun after that one. The other was a beach after a bad storm I swear I smelled every rotting thing that washed ashore. Just thinking about it leaves me gagging.

If you could visit a place, anywhere, where would it be?

I would love to visit Australia. The only thing keeping me from doing so at this point is the big, bad spiders.

If you could go at any point in time, which would it be?

This could be because I have just seen Jurassic World but I think going back to the time of the dinosaurs would be interesting. I would love to see what they were really like.

What music do you like?

I like almost everything. Right now I seem to be on a little country kick but I’ll listen to just about everything.

Is there a genre or song you hate?

I try to avoid the hardcore rap and there are some genres in the punk and heavy metal genres, like crunkcore but I will try everything.

Tell us something about yourself that you think your fans would love to know about:

Hmm…what to say, what to say. I hate silence. To me silence is deafening. I get a throbbing in my ears. It’s just no fun. So I always have something on in the background, usually music. If I really need to concentrate thought it’s mindless television because with music I will usually end up singing.

Thanks. That gives us some basic information. Now, about the writing –   I know you’re excited…

Why did you start writing?

Well, I have always enjoyed writing. For me it’s a bit of a release. if I can get the chance to get any thoughts out of my head I will take it.

What do you enjoy the most about it?

I like the freedom of it. I do tend to over think things so it’s the opportunity to get some of those ideas out and for me to answer that ‘what if’ questions. Sometimes I have a few answers for them so I pick one or sometimes they become multiple plot points and multiple stories.

What do you like least about it?

The trickiest part for me is when the words aren’t cooperating. I can hear them in my head but somehow they get lost as I am trying to type them out. Trying to get the words to cooperate at times can be tricky.

That first time hitting publish, how did you feel?

The first time, I thought I was posting a one-shot and that was going to be it. So in that aspect, there was a bit more of an accomplished feeling. There were nerves of course but thinking I was done they weren’t as bad as with some of my later stories.

 Where do you get your inspiration?

My crazy mind? I will get a thought. That’s how it usually starts. Almost like a what-if moment. It snowballs from there. Usually, I’ll be listening to music and the tone or the situation in the song makes me think about something that could happen in the little scenario that I have cooked up in my head. If I get enough of those somethings, I start on an outline and I see what happens.

What is your writing area like do you use computer or paper, or both?  Or another medium?

My outline is usually done on paper. I’ll add and changes things on it as I write to make sure that I am covering everything. When I get down to the actual writing, that’s on the computer.

Do you use an outline, rough draft or just write?

I start with a rough outline – how do I want it to end and what do I want to happen. I then fill in the outline a bit on how to get everyone and everything from point A to point B (and point C and point D etc.). Once I know what I want to happen and all the little connecting points, I start writing, keeping my fingers crossed that the characters behave themselves and cooperate. I don’t have a rough draft per say but I do add and delete things as I am trying to edit the chapter.

What do you do while you’re writing (listen to music, TV in the background, etc.)?

I tend to listen to music as I write. Usually I’ll listen to songs that have the feel I am trying to have in the chapter. Or sometimes the song kind of writes the chapter.

What annoys you the most when you are trying to write?

During the actual writing process it’s when the words sound great in my head but they are not translating well to paper. Outside of writing, it’s if I get interrupted in the middle of writing an emotional scence.

If you have finished a fic, what was your feeling on it?

It usually been one of those bittersweet things. I get the sense of accomplishment but it can be sad to let the characters go.

What are your favorite fandoms to write?

I have only written for the Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Mysteries fandom.

Who are your favorite characters to write?

I find that it really depends on the story. For my Amnesia trilogy it was actually Pam or Thalia. Currently, in My Wish it’s Sookie’s character.


Pam and Thalia were a surprise even to me in the trilogy. I originally had minor roles planned for them but they kind of wrote themselves. Currently, Sookie’s character is a bit different to write which is always fun.  I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who is going to give My Wish a try but Sookie ‘s character has been a fun change of pace to write.

Who are your least favorite characters to write?

I don’t like writing most of the villains.


I do try to make them multidimensional, a complicated villain to try and make their actions understandable, not likable but at least understandable. I’m not entirely sure I succeed at that.

What is your favorite scene or story you have written and why?

I think Love and Memories has been my favorite story so far. Sandwiched in the middle of a trilogy, I think it shows much of the characters growth. They had a lot to fight and overcome and they did which gave them what they needed to get through what the third story brought them.

What is the most difficult story or scene you have written, and why?

The first few chapters of Amnesia were the most difficult to write. I wanted to make sure the emotions came across but at the same time, didn’t want to get too in depth while giving the subject matter the respect it deserved.

Do you see any characteristics in the characters you write?

See any of them in myself? Yes, I do

Which ones and whom?

Thalia from the Amnesia Trilogy. I tend to be more on the quiet side with a few quirky moments. I tend to listen and take everything in. I may not say too much but apparently what I say is meaningful. But what do friends know anyway. In My Wish some of how Eric handles Sookie’s character comes from my own dealings with what she does in this story.

What do you like most about your preferred fandom?

It’s not really just for my little fandom but I like the fact that we can write it and imagine it in our own little way. Otherwise, I like the fact that it’s not only me succumbing to the craziness.

How would you describe your fics?

The word angst gets used a lot. I tend to write with a lot of emotion. Characters and their growth are what’s important to me to get across in their stories.  My stories are a journey. There are winding roads and detours and sometimes you even have to make a u-turn a two but the journey is most important. If you do that right, you can enjoy the destination. 

What story would you recommend of your own for a new fan to start first?

That’s going to depend on what they are looking looking for. If they want to get their toes wet and get a sense of how I write Lips of an Angel. If they really just want to dive right in Amnesia – though it is the first in a trilogy. Something a little lighter My Wish. 

Now the HARD questions:

If you could offer a suggestion to someone who is thinking of publishing their first story, what would it be?

I would encourage them to go for first and foremost. Don’t have the regret of never doing something. I would then tell them to ignore the hateful feedback, which of course is one of the hardest things to do. Take the constructive criticism and learn from it but to ignore the hateful comments. Nothing written will ever be liked by absolutely everyone, and that’s fine. People are going to hide behind the computers and say things if they don’t agree with what you have written. As hard as it is ignore them and don’t let them deter you from writing the story you want to write.

If you could go back in time, and give yourself one word of advice, what would you say?  (No Lottery numbers or anything like that!!!)

Only one piece of advice? I’d have so much to tell me with that ability. I think my biggest one would be not to over think things. Be able to laugh a little more and not dwell on every single little detail.

What 5 stories would you recommend someone read?  Please list fandom, sites and name with pairing.

Do I really only get to pick 5? Really!? That could be the hardest part of this. Okay, I’ll try.

Let Love In series – Terri Botta – Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Mysteries – Eric/Sookie

Comfortably Numb Series – California Kat – Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Mysteries – Eric/Sookie – All Human

She’s Not There – Wylis – Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Mysteries – Eric/Sookie –

Into the Blood – kinnik – True Blood– Eric/OC/Sookie –

A Queen’s Command – mistressjessica1028 – Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Mysteries -Eric/Sookie –

Character Interview


Name of Character:  Sookie

Story he is in: My Wish (could be some spoilers in this little interview)

Is (s)he an original Character or a series known? Well, she’s a series known character in a bit of an original situation – if that makes any sense at all.

Are they in character or Out of Character? She is in character as much as the situation she finds herself in will allow.

Nickname(s): Sook, Lover (though in My Wish we won’t be hearing too much of that one in particular)

Date of Birth: July 1, 1979

Occupation: Waitress

Stats (Aka Height, hair color, eye color, and so on): Blond hair, blue eyes.

Significant other(s): Eric

Best Friend(s): Eric and Pam

Enemies(s): Well, she would probably list Jason as one in this story, but for the time being her biggest ones are involving vampire politics – Victor Madden and Felipe de Castro

Any noticeable Scars, Tattoos, or other markings: Eric has a good ability to make ‘boo boos’ (especially ones on the knees go away). Some light scarring on the leg from when she was kidnapped by Lochlan and Neave

If they could have a Theme Song, which would it be? Umm… so many choices. I’m going to go with You Can’t Always Get What You Want

What is their favorite Movie? Gone with the Wind

What is something that the fans don’t know about your character?She knows more than she, and those around her, think she does. She wants desperately to be loved, even if she’s not quite sure what that is at the moment. Most of all, she just wants to feel like she belongs.

I am so loving her story, My Wish.  I am so in love with it, it aint funny!! Please go check her out, I found her through her Amnesia Trilogy and am thrilled to find out more about her!!!!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Aww, thanks for the shout out, Girl! You know I love you and this story! I’m so excited to see where you’re taking it!!
    Everyone should check out all your work.
    You’re one of the writers who drew me into fan fiction! Keep up the incredible work!

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  3. Fantastic interview! Again, I’m biased because jc is a child of my heart. I just love her and her writing is terrific! Her stories are so original in their concepts and there’s always a very surprising twist that leaves the reader speechless, and definitely wanting more! Go to her blog or look her up on NOW! You will not be disappointed! 🙂

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