Review for My Wish by jc52185

Sorry about last week, I didn’t realize that all the stocked up reviews were done!!!

I am going to try to mix up some new ongoing stories in here.  I also have some fabulous authors agreeing to be interviewed, so I will be going through any author who has agreed first.   Only fair right!?!

First up is a gem I found when she moved to WordPress:

My Wish 1

 Name of Story: My Wish

Fandom: SVM

Author: jc52185


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Eric/Sookie

Description (Authors): 

This story is set soon after Dead and Gone. Sookie, Eric and friends are still trying to deal with the aftermath of the Fae War and the takeover of Louisiana. When waitressing one night, Sookie  is having a discussion with a customer and makes a wish, not understanding the repercussions of doing so. Told mostly from Eric’s POV we will see just how her wish affect everything else that is going on? Will Eric help her with the consequences? Will they all survive?

Teeny, tiny Buffy crossover here. I may have borrowed a character or two.  They belong to Joss Whedon. Any others belong to Charlaine Harris.


This story is well started over at her WordPress site, but is behind on FanFiction.  A woman after my own heart.  LOL!

The story starts out innocently enough.  Sookie is wondering what is really going on with Eric and why he has not been around.

Cue the game changer.

Sookie is waiting tables, thinking over her and Eric.  She is not sure where they stand since he was so caring for her, and now he has not spoken to her for 2 months.

While wondering, she gets a new visitor to Bon Temps.  After her injuries from the evil faery twins hamper her to where she needs to sit down, she speaks with the new patron.

Except from Prologue:

You okay?” the booth’s occupant asked. It was the customer I hadn’t recognized.

“Sorry about that,” I told her. “I was in a car accident,” I explained, using my cover story. “My leg still gives me a bit of trouble.”

She nodded. “You said your name was Sookie, right?”

It was my turn to nod as she said, “I’m Anya. Sorry to hear about your accident. I bet you wish it didn’t happen.”

“You could say that again,” I told her while thinking that was a weird way to phrase it. I doubted many car accident victims actually wanted their accidents to happen. I wondered how long until the pain in my leg would let me stand again.

They continue from there, and then Anya asks her if she could wish anything, what would it be.

What happens next starts Chapter 1 from Eric’s POV.  So far after that one chapter, you only read Eric’s POV, but you can see how much he cares.

This story is one I immediately read when it updates.  So go give her a try, and leave a review to feed the muse.  Don’t forget to let her know Kittyinaz says hi!


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12 thoughts on “Review for My Wish by jc52185”

  1. I LOVE this story. I liked the prologue so much that I made a banner for the story. LOL. I still need to read last night’s chapter, but after every new chapter I’m left longing for me. I can’t wait to see how this story plays out.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Well thanks so much. It’s always fun and interesting to read other people’s thoughts on my writing. Thanks for sharing your and the banner. I love it!


  3. OK, as her beta I may be just a little biased, nevertheless, this new story though not a follow-up to jc’s trilogy is just as exciting, if not more! It’s quite the adventure and the hilarity it ensues with just the concept is enough to get me laughing. With the story told mostly in Eric’s POV, it’s all the more endearing as realizations dawn on him proving that a millennium-old vampire really can learn new things! Highly recommended, of course! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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