Review for Back and Forth by California Kat

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Yep here is another fic for the awesome writer, California Kat!

We are going to visit the fic series that introduced me to her.  The Back and Forth Universe


Name of Story: Back and Forth, Part I of Back and Forth Universe

Fandom: TB

Author: California Kat


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Eric/Sookie

Description (Authors): 

When Sookie realizes that her feelings for both Bill and Eric might have  been caused just by their blood, she takes drastic steps that will change her life―and the lives of Eric and Bill―forever.

A/N:  This story picks up after the second to the last episode of Season 4.  In my story, Marnie is killed for good (and forever) when Bill shoots her, and there will be no Halloween resurrections.  Therefore, Marnie isn’t going to possess Lafayette―because she’s already toast.  Jesus grew on me, so he’s not going anywhere either, at least not for the moment.  [After all, Lafayette needs him some lovin’!]  I’m picking up after Bill has killed Marnie.  Sookie is looking at Eric and Bill, as the two vampires talk and plan what I assume to be the clean-up.  Her looking back and forth from one vampire to the other was the inspiration for the title of this story.  This is also my first FanFiction, so be gentle but honest in your comments, that is, if you care to grace me with them.  This story is long, and I’m more interested in psychology than action, but I hope to keep you entertained.


As she mentions this is her first fic.  And let me tell you, it blew me away when I was writing it.  She had alot of comments from me on her Fanfiction account, and I moved with her over to WordPress.

This takes place at the end of Season 4 and Marnie is finally dead.

Sookie and Jason are over at Lafeyette’s house with him and Jesus, and they realize that alot of the feelings they have, are caused by the blood they had from Bill, Jessica and Eric.  Sookie is confused, and justifiably.  She undertakes a dangerous ritual along with her brother to find out who truly holds her affections.

Except from Chapter 1:

Sookie looked back and forth between the two men―the two vampires―who had dominated her thoughts as of late.

Bill.  Every time she saw him, her heart couldn’t help but flutter.  He’d been the first man that she had ever loved.  Brooding and dark―even more now than he’d been before her time in the fairy realm―Bill was obviously frustrated by the pressures of being the vampire king of Louisiana. He looked at her, his eyes immediately going from hard to soft as a slight smile raised his lips.  It was a smile that assured that he’d always protect her, always be there for her no matter what, always love her.  Her heart warmed even more toward him because of the reassurance he seemed to bring to her every time she looked at him.  She loved him.

Eric.  Her heart jumped when Bill turned from her and she shifted her eyes to the blond vampire talking to Bill.  Eric towered over his king, and she noticed the curved bend in his upper back as he leaned down to talk to him.  Once Bill’s attention went to the door, probably to something said by Jessica, Eric’s head turned slightly toward Sookie, his sharp light blue eyes capturing her brown eyes with his for a moment.  Those eyes screamed so many things at Sookie, too many things.  They held the vampire that she’d met at Fangtasia, the hard, cold, in-charge being that had frustrated and used Sookie for his own benefit more than once.  But they also held the sweet, loving, honest vampire who had stayed in Sookie’s home and then her bed for the last week.  She loved him too.

California Kat does an excellent job of getting into these two characters head, to make a truly amazing fic.  I am not ashamed I have reread this one and the one after many times.  In fact when I need a fic that I know it all turns out better than you can imagine, but with enough drama and angst to have you coming back, well here you go.

I will tell you the words Wait and Don’t Fuck this up, have new meanings for me after reading this.

Next week will be the sequel to this story!

Go, read and leave a review, and let her know Kittyinaz says hi!


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10 thoughts on “Review for Back and Forth by California Kat”

  1. This is one of my all time favorites along with All In. A great story I encourage others to read who have not.


  2. Your review is perfect, a wonderful story by a very talented writer. And she is so prolific as she adds more and more stories to her catalog. I had forgotten this was her first story. Anyone who hasn’t read this is missing out.

    Liked by 1 person

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