Crossover Round Categories so far…

Okay, so some of you have spoken and this is what we have got.

Twilight Section 

– Vampire Diaries/Originals

– Harry Potter

– Marvel Universe

– Teen Wolf

– DC Universe

– Supernatural

– True Blood

Harry Potter Section 

– Twilight

– True Blood

– Marvel Universe

– DC Universe

– Supernatural

We need more, so send in some suggestions… This is of course on top of the usual round categories, best romance ect ect ect 

7 thoughts on “Crossover Round Categories so far…”

      1. I wasn’t sure either but can’t find out for sure if the question/suggestion isn’t posed but I was talking about more than just the SVM/TB verse. Isn’t there a show of VD, and other shoot offs from books?


  1. What about a sci fi category that could encompass movie universes like stargate, terminator, orphan black, firefly, basically anything sci fi books, video games or movies? Not sure how many there are though.

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