Review for Lover’s Amnesia by Gyllene

Hello There!!!   For those that follow me, know I was forced into a vacation from overworking myself just a bit on my stories.  I am back from it, and starting my reviews for Gyllene’s stories.

So get comfy, and we will start off with Lover’s Amnesia.  As always, click on the banner to go to the story…


Name of Story: Lover’s Amnesia

Fandom: TB/SVM

Author: Gyllene


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Eric/Sookie

Description (Authors): Sookie loses her memory after a car accident.  Can Eric make her fall in love with him again?  AU


This is a personal favorite. Every time she tells me there is an update, I am online scouring it. Or saving it when I have a bad day to help cheer me up. The story line is very attention grabbing for any new comers to the fandom or for those of us who devour the fandom treats.

In fact, you really need no knowledge of the fandom to do this fic, since it is AU. The only details you may end up doing is comparing the canon to this one, but truly, there is nothing really to compare. She has thought up this universe completely, and you are exposed to it little bit by little bit as she tells the tale of these two lovers.

The first paragraph grabs you as you open this tale to read:

I slowly opened up my eyes while stretching my body.  My muscles feel so sore and stiff, almost as if I hadn’t moved in days. I turned over to my left side and screamed when I saw a man.   But not just any man but a drop-dead gorgeous man, laying on his side facing me.  He has blonde hair that was slightly disheveled and I couldn’t tell what color his eyes were since they were closed but he had long, thick, blonde eyelashes that trailed down to his cheekbones.  His alabaster skin looked smooth and firm but I ignored my desire, no, my need to touch him.  The beautiful sleeping stranger next to me. My eyes wander from his chiseled face down to his broad shoulders, and my inquisitive gaze trailed down to take in the rest of him. I noticed that he was wearing a black tank top.  He looked tall, so tall that his feet ended at the edge of the bed. – The first paragraph of Chapter 1

As you can tell you start off waking with Sookie, who has been in a car accident, and experience with her the world she is now involved in. You find out her life with her, feel with her as she is lost in the world she has woken in. She has no prior memories of what has happened in the past.

But what you do find in this gem of a fic is a love unlike any you have read before. The dedication of these two, from before and as Eric works to make her fall in love with him is amazing. They truly work together in a way that shows their emotions towards each other.

I read each chapter eagerly as it comes out, wanting to know more and more about their world, about what has happened in the past, and what will happen to them in the future.

I highly recommend this, and trying to find ways to give you readers an idea of the story, while not giving away anything is really hard. Each chapter unfurls the mystery and has you glaring at the screen when you come to the end and realize it isn’t over. I normally walk away, then come back to write my reviews, since otherwise I may send out those viscous flying monkeys to the author.

Though… often she would deserve them…….

I have been informed by a different little birdie that this story should have an update soon.  I love being able to give these birdies treats for their information that they drop off to me.



8 thoughts on “Review for Lover’s Amnesia by Gyllene”

  1. I am so honored to have had Gyllene choose me as her beta. I love this story, and it’s one I know I’ll cry over when that last chapter arrives. Working with Gyllene is pure joy; I could have never have wished for a more pleasant partner in crime! LOL! Now I better get to work on Chapter 17! I can just hear the fans clamoring! Thanks so much for giving her the wonderful review. She deserves it!


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